2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Mario Casas as Juan Santos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by surfisfun7 / 10

good cast


Fairly engrossing.

Good script.


Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

This is a thriller/drama that keeps you interested and expecting , including stirring and tragic events

This exciting picture packs drama , emotion , action and violent events . The movie centers around a young con man named Juan (Mario Casas) with recent freedom who searches a quiet life along with his wife Triana (Natalia De Molina) , but it goes awry when a lousy robbing takes place resulting in an unfortunate death . Shortly after , there happens an overlong chase and a ruthless searching for those escapees who hit and run . Then it starts a bloody path of vendetta in which the convict , his brother and uncle are pursued by nasty delinquents and corrupt cops.

Intense and sleaze drama with emotion , thrills , strong scenes and violenceb. It contains realistic set pieces , intense drama and splendid performances from a great Spanish cast . The picture benefits itself from sympathetic though unfortunate , hopeless characters who suffer distresses, tortures and pains . An emotive story about a long vendetta that a paroled convict carries out when his little daughter dies in a car crash after of First Communion's celebration . As Juan/Mario Casas goes out of prison with the third grade and close to get the total parole and he only wants to be with his spouse Triana/Natalia de Molina and his daughter . From start to finish this moving film contains drama , intrigue , thrills and shootouts .This attractive Spanish thriller has noisy action , intrigue , spectacular pursuits and fights . This is the sort of story we've seen sometime before about hapless people escaping , while other people seek reckoning , but one that is always fun when executed with style and filmmaker Paco Cabezas certainly seems to have that . Decent Spanish film with top-notch performances from main cast as well as secondary cast . This is an exciting film though relies heavily on the two protagonists and their affectionate relationship . Mario Casas gives an acceptable acting in similar style to ¨Kike Maillo's Toro¨ in which he also performed a revengeful role , as a previous con man must be back to his old habits to exact a merciless revenge along with his youngest brother and uncle . Nice film , though has a few gaps , but anyway, its is compensated with the enjoyable performances from Mario Casas. And Natalia Molina and remaining cast . Casas and Molina as accompanied by a good support cast , such as Ruth Díaz as the upright police woman , Carlos Bardem , Mariola Fuentes , Vicente Romero , among others.

It packs a colorful and brilliant cinematography by Pau Esteve Birba, though really night and dark , at times . Equally , moving and attractive musical score by Zeltia Montes , including several Andalucian songs . The motion picture was well directed by Paco Cabezas , being filmed in his usual formal and stylistic scholarship , without leaving a trace the thought-provoking issues , in terms of dramatic and narrative excitement . Being well made by Paco Cabezas whose first successful film was ¨Aparecidos¨ and it was nominee in Toulouse Festival 2011 to best director, and directing ¨Neon Flesh¨ to be loved by Nicolas Cage who hired him to make a Hollywood film, shhoting his first international pic : ¨Tokarev¨ . There Cabezas made another hit : ¨Mr Right¨. Subsequently he made various TV episodes from famous TV series as ¨Penny Dreadful¨, ¨American gods¨, ¨The strain¨, ¨Fear of the walking dead¨, ¨Penny Dreadful : city of Los Angeles¨, among others. Rating :6.5/10. Enjoyable Spanish film that will appeal to Mario Casas fans.

Reviewed by ops-525358 / 10

dark and surprisingly good

Its a spanish film that does a take on drug kingpins, addicts, interdepartemental police corruption, decieft, blood feud, and a revenge factor that only a few other international movies can show the same quality.

its a revenge for a accidental kill of a child of a protruding and prominet crime family that ignites it all.

it has a very nice build up, the tension and the outcomes of the shootouts are invisible and unsurtain to smell before the battle, and the lines laid out in away that makes you surprised and bypassed by the twists of the plot. the setup and float in the action scenes are brilliant.

but its a film made by a weak financial power in the film business, so dont expect cgis, but the acting are good and if you need a change of footprint of narcoaction then its a recommend from the grumpy old man

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