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Demi Moore as Debbie
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Catherine Keener as Cocktail Waitress
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Rob Lowe as Danny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RNMorton9 / 10

Nice slice-of-life with attractive stars

Film gets ripped by most, but I like it. Rob Lowe & Demi Moore find each other and enter on-again, off-again relationship. Demi has never looked better, and Jim Belushi is outstanding as Lowe's well-meaning but crude best friend. More realistic about relationships than most Hollywood productions.

Reviewed by mark.waltz7 / 10

Oh, if the course of true love was only so simple.

But wait! There's more! More one night stands, more awkward goodbyes, more hem and hawing phone conversations. That is until a seeming one night stand between young Chicago eternal single hopefuls Demi Moore and Rob Lowe turns into a second...and third...and look, they are living together! It's glorious playing house at first with their growing gooey love seeming like it will never turn sour. But love is indeed like a pickle. It is refreshing like the cucumber it comes from at first, but the vinegar and dill and garlic and other spices makes it impossible to bear, that is until that pickle is completely ready, and completely delectable. Lowe and Moore suffer through their first holiday with friends from both sides who hate each other (Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins),and Moore spends a tearful night away. Breaking up maybe hard to do, but making up is so much fun!

This was Lowe and Moore at the height of their beauty and energy and likeability, long before serious svandal, and it is easy to see why they were so popular during the mid-1980"s. The issue with their love is based on the interference of their friends, and it takes their waking up to what they really want as well as their maturing. Relationships haven't changed much outside of technology, and with many other films that deal with the same subject, this could easily be considered predictable and even dated. But real detail goes into the creation of all of the characters, and even the bad guy friends aren't really all so bad, just misguided.

I did not expect much going into this, so getting to know these characters in a period of two hours made me root for them. You can empathize with each of them, even as they come together, break up, become depressed and find themselves in the process. Both more and low reeked of vulnerability, and even when they do something wrong in the relationship, it is like looking in a mirror of the lives of everybody we have known who was gone through similar situations. That makes this a truly touching drama with many funny moments and all-around good performances. A very funny scene with Perkins as a school teacher has her trying to explain the purpose of sex. Even though this has a very 80"s feel to it, it is not dated in the least, and that makes it a modern classic.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

Mamet, Lowe and Moore

Danny Martin (Rob Lowe) and his crude best friend Bernie Litgo (James Belushi) are restaurant supply salesmen. Danny starts dating Debbie Sullivan (Demi Moore) after an one-night stand. She has been sleeping with her boss. They eventually move in together to the dismay of her best friend roommate Joan (Elizabeth Perkins). Bernie isn't pleased either. The couple's happy relationship soon finds cracks. Danny is commanded to cut off a favorite customer. The pressures mount and they fall apart.

Based on the 1974 David Mamet play 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago', this has some of his sharp biting dialog right from the start. The story is simple but well-executed. Lowe and Moore are reunited after 'St. Elmo's Fire'. Not to mention that these are two beautiful human specimens and have great chemistry together. It's a rom-com with a real emotions.

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