Abner, the Invisible Dog


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by squuuiii10 / 10

Abner, a true 'tail' of hope and compassion

A beautiful tale of both courage and compassion, filled with heartwarming ingenuity, and with the director and actors having a knack for timing adds up to one of the top films of the decade. The star, however is clearly the dog, as his true talent shines throughout the film, as he prevails against the dastardly villains time and time again. All I could say from scene to scene was wow, as I was dazzled by the acting from each minute. The director also accurately portrays evil incarnate in the form of a local bully named something I forgot. I was taken aback that this film was not considered for awards such as an Oscar or golden globe, seeing as it clearly deserves it. One might only view the childish side of this film, but I believe that as the actors, both human and canine are viewed by a film critic one can see this is a film about the finer things in life.

Reviewed by inkblot116 / 10

Visible fun for families, even though it apes Home Alone

Chad is a lucky middle school lad in many respects. He has two parents who love him, although they can hover over him too much at times. He has a lovable dog named Abner. Also, a female classmate is a doll and she sees to like him as well. But, there are a couple of bullies at school that make his life difficult. On Chad's birthday, his father dashes to the toy store for a last minute gift. A chemistry set would be perfect and its the LAST one of its kind. Unknown to this beleaguered dad, however, is some rather dense gophers for a powerful man have stashed a stolen chemical formula inside this box. One of them (David DeLuise) tries to offer papa a price well above the set's value but nothing doing. Therefore, the twin henchmen follow the man home, hoping to steal it back. But, alas! Abner drinks the liquid. Suddenly, he can talk in a upper British voice and can also make himself invisible, at times. This is some formula! Now the men are out to pilfer the canine and have his blood analyzed for the formula. When the parents suddenly go out of town, Chad and Abner are home alone. Now, the two older guys and the bullies are after him but the doll of the 7th grade comes to help Chad. Who will win? This is a fun flick for families, a bit improbable, of course. No, there aren't many known actors, although DeLuise is a hoot. Yet, following a pattern of movies kids will like, this film's script, direction, cast, sets, and costumes do their work. Want a new choice for popcorn and movie night? Try this one!

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