A World Away


Adventure / Fantasy

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Mary Lynn Rajskub as Principal Garcia
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Rowan Blanchard as Jessica Patterson
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Caroline Lagerfelt as Grandma Carmen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrdaum3 / 10

Good family film but...

Horrible special effects. The film was clearly very low budget. At one point you could hear the kids hitting their mics. There was a part with this glowing demon dog, but then it didn't show it again in the movie. It made you think there was going to be more to the story but it was poorly connected and the acting was probably better from the kids than from the adults. My kids and I agree that it was weird and a waste of time. Time for bed...

Reviewed by julieannekirby2 / 10

Story is very disjointed, special effects are pretty bad, storyline is weak

Watched this last night with my 12 and 14 year old daughters. From the start of the movie the plot was not clear and the characters had zero background. Special effects were laughable and the "bad guys" seemed like they were from a low budget power rangers show. Super cheesy. I really wanted to find some good in this movie but it was difficult. We watched the entire film and at the end we were left scratching our heads and wondering why it ended the way it did. To be honest I'm still not really sure what message the movie is supposed to be sending.

Pros: no swearing

Cons: bizarre storyline, no character development, terrible special effects, gross out effect in one scene. In addition, 2 of the main characters and 1 supporting character in the film are the director's children - they all STRONGLY resemble each other - but are not supposed to be related in the film so it's a little weird. While the acting for the most part isn't the worst I've seen, it was pretty hokey.

Even my 12 and 14 year old daughters thought this movie was pretty bad and they usually love flimsy and/or confusing plot lines and mediocre acting. I wouldn't recommend this movie to others. Glad I didn't pay money to watch it.

Reviewed by hilary_mae-912-805616 / 10

Story Telling

As usual, the critics here are bellyaching about the lack of effects. Does no one have any depth to just sit back and listen/watch a story? Have you become that shallow and lacking in imagination that effects are all that matters?

That is the foundation of the story from the first scene; story telling the old fashioned way. I only wanted one child to die, but I'm sure everyone wanted the same thing. Overall the movie like like a youth's book. A story to relax and read.

It is not perfect, and geared for kids which is probably for the best as there are still some children in the world with an imagination.

I won't critique the film because the flaws are not important. The brainwaves of the critics IS the problem.

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