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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird3 / 10

A charmless wish

Actually did sort of like the idea, it did sound quite cute and had potential to be very sweet and charming if done well. Was worried though about lack of substance, repetition and the risk of it being shallow and also if the female lead character would be as unappealing as she sounds. 'A Wish Come True' is the first 2015 Countdown to Valentine's Day Hallmark film, and stars Megan Park (who is watchable in the right roles but is up and down in this regard) and Benjamin Hollingsworth (similar).

On the whole, the 2015 Countdown to Valentine's Day block was watchable, with the rest of the films being average and above. 'All of My Heart' even being very nicely done and one of the better Hallmark films that year. 'A Wish Come True' however does not live up to its name in any way and is not a good way to start off any seasonal block. Of the 2015 Countdown to Valentine's Day films, it is easily the worst (the only one this reviewer didn't like) and one of the worst Hallmark films that year in my opinion.

It is not a complete and utter disaster. It looks nice, with the scenery being lovely.

The other redeeming quality is Hollingsworth, who gives the only halfway decent performance and is the best thing about the film. He at least looks natural, seems to realise what film he's in, has the only character that has any degree of likeability and has a down to earth amiable charm that wasn't present with the rest of the cast.

However, everything else is poor. Park does try hard (too much so really to the point that it feels like over-compensating until she gives up later on),but her character is really dull, as shallow as the plot synopsis made her sound and the film goes too far in making her self-absorbed to the point of over-bearing arrogance. The supporting cast are no better, with the father and ex boyfriend being especially obnoxiously acted. Saw no need for the latter. There is no chemistry between Park and Hollingsworth, what he saw in her the shallower and more selfish she got requires some suspension of disbelief.

In fact the chemistry between the entire cast is barely existent and only Hollingsworth's character is likeable or interesting. The others are dull or/and annoying to an over-bearing degree. The script is very stilted and sophomoric and is full of cringe worthy cheese and cavity inducing sentiment, and the story has no energy, is very predictable and emotionally is very bland in every way, wit, charm, emotion, tension are completely absent.

Concluding, very weak. 3/10.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

Could have been worse, but hardly an impressive movie...

Indeed I had my expectations as to what I was getting myself into when I sat down to watch "A Wish Come True", but still opted to go with it. It could actually be a surprisingly nice movie and totally prove me wrong.

This is a very generic and stereotypical Hallmark movie in every sense of that meaning. The storyline was as sappy as they come, which was as to be expected from such a movie. And it was also every bit as predictable as they come.

The cast was adequate, and the acting talents were doing fair enough jobs with their given roles, despite not really having much to work with. Megan Park actually did a fair enough job carrying the movie.

There are far better movies out there if you enjoy these types of sappy Hallmark movies. For a romantic comedy such as this then "A Wish Come True" didn't really fare rather well, and it just didn't offer anything extraordinary to the romantic comedy genre. And it wasn't even because it was a movie primarily aimed at an all-female audience, because that was not the case. The movie just wasn't all that good, to be bluntly honest.

Reviewed by huggibear7 / 10

Cute Hallmark movie!

I give it a 6.5 because of it's cuteness! It's not my favorite of the Hallmark movies I've seen, but it would rank it in the top 33% of them. It's well worth one viewing for sure! The typical oblivious girl, with the typical 'I don't want to risk what I currently have for anything that could turn out much worse by expressing my feelings to the girl I love' kind of guy. What will happen? Will he express his feelings, or will she come out of her oblivion or will they go in opposite directions of each other? Watch and see.

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