A Wife's Nightmare


Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Jennifer Beals as Liz Michaels
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Spencer List as AJ Michaels
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Dylan Neal as Gabe Michaels
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brookenichole-980548 / 10

Um... wow

This movie was insane! I felt on the edge of my seat the whole time! The acting was better than most Lifetime movies. Once the ending came, it felt like a whole mess. But an entertaining awesome type of mess! Jennifer Beals was amazing! She really showed how insane a person can get.

Reviewed by metalrage6661 / 10

The nightmare is in watching this in the first place

Oh my God what a lame and poorly executed piece of trash this is. Believe me when I tell you that this review will concisely and accurately detail the mess that this show is and if you still decide to watch it, then I accept no responsibility for your inevitable brain aneurysm.

A mother played by Flash Dance herself, Jennifer Beals, suffers a mental breakdown and while she recuperates in hospital, her husband starts a tawdry affair with a 19 year old town bike who works at a local record store. Clearly this guy is tired of his wife so he and this tramp concoct this ridiculous story that she is his long lost daughter who unexpectedly turns up at the house just after the wife is discharged from care and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Of course there's the usual pretence of this girl could be but she may not be so let's get a DNA test and make it all look legit. Meanwhile as they await the results of this test, the husband gets a bit too touchy-feely for the wife's liking, especially seeing as this girl is supposed to be his daughter, but he's easily able to dismiss her fears as nothing more than a remnant of her recent mental instability under the guise of either, 'why would he do this to a 19 year old' or 'why would he get inappropriate with what could potentially be his daughter'. Naturally the wife reluctantly buys it and this jerk gets a reprieve.

Not long after the wife wakes up in the night to find the daughter skulking around the house. She notices that her computer is on and finds that some important work file has been tampered with. She doesn't learn her lesson for some reason and her computer is accessed a 2nd time and an entire presentation has been erased. This upsets the overseas client who no doubt takes his business elsewhere, the wife is fired as she's considered to be taking on too much too soon and I can't help but think why anybody wouldn't automatically have some back-up on a flash drive secured at her office, but it's a Lifestyle program so that alone adds to this improbable "nightmare".

The wife confronts the daughter twice about the computer tampering, the daughter queues the water works both times, the father naturally backs her up, seeing as he's sleeping with her and the wife is thinking that's she's descending into madness again. To make matters worse, the fake DNA results are in so fake daughter is further ensconced into her adoptive family and their journey towards the dark side is almost complete.

However the whole plan unravels when the son comes home and walks in on father and fake daughter screwing; mother comes home soon after where son spills the beans, father tries his useless best to blame everybody else for his infidelity and failed music career so fake daughter starts whimpering and admits to the shady doings that even blind Freddy can now clearly see. Wife kicks husband and his whore out of the house, son reunites with his mother and they all live happily ever after.

In my opinion the whole story is one huge plot hole from start to finish. How they thought this scam was ever going to work is a mystery. What was the father going to do with his son? If his goal was to get rid of the wife and replace her with a younger sluttier model, then how was he going to explain sleeping with her when he's already introduced her to everybody they knew as his daughter? Were they planning on keeping the relationship a secret for the rest of their lives? That's the only way this could ever work as well as relying on his son or anyone with a brain not using deductive reasoning, eventually figuring it out and going to the authorities. The long lost daughter story is just dumb. It'd work a lot better if this girl were ANYTHING else other than a blood relative.

So as I've said earlier, this is the whole story and if you still decide to watch after you've been carefully forewarned then you deserve the vegetative state you'll end up in.

Reviewed by hydechingkwake3 / 10

this plot is hilariously insane

I don't even know where to begin.

I guess I'll start with saying the only thing that's been on my mind ever since the credits rolled ending this nightmare, which is what the hell is up Gabe? He's one of the most quietly insane characters I've seen on screen.

So his wife has a mental breakdown, and while she's in the hospital getting help he has an affair with Caitlin. This is clearly wrong and makes him a flawed man, but no one's perfect. From here his options would seem to be: a) come clean and try to repair the damage he's done to his and Liz's marriage; b) stop the affair and never tell the truth; or c) keep rendezvousing with the side hoe after Liz comes home and hide it. Instead, Gabe makes a fourth option, and this is where the lunacy really shows.

First, he has his mistress confront him and Liz outside their home claiming to be his long-lost daughter from an earlier fling. Then, he has her move in. Then, he sabotages Liz's career, which is also the only source of income for the family, while also gaslighting her by making her think he and Caitlin are up to no good and discrediting her accusations by saying he "feels it in his gut" that she's his daughter. He also invokes Liz's prior breakdown and consistently makes her feel selfish and awful for something that any normal human being would naturally feel empathy for. Next, he cooks up a very shoddy batch of blood tests, which Liz uncovers with as little effort as walking in on your kid in the kitchen with his hand in the cookie jar and crumbs on his face.

And... for what? What was all of this for? What was Gabe's end game? Was he going to divorce Liz and replace her with Caitlin, living off her minimum wage job at a record shop? What on earth was the plan?

As for the rest of the movie, it felt out-of-date and cheesy pretty frequently and the writing was mediocre. But I'll give it to Jennifer Beals, she's a good actor.


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