A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas


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Reviewed by nogodnomasters10 / 10


This is a movie designed for 3D as things fly into the camera. The story line picks up 2 years later. Kumar (Kal Penn),the med student, isn't a doctor because he can't pass the drug test. Harold (John Cho) is rich and successful. He has a beautiful Latino wife (Paula Garcés) who has a lot of baggage, mainly Danny Trejo is her dad. Trejo's mom was killed by Asians. Harold and Kumar both have a new sidekick. We have a competition of sidekicks. Through a mishap involving a huge joint, Danny Trejo's 12 foot home grown Christmas tree gets burned down and now the foursome are on a quest for a new 12 foot tree in the heart of the city on Christmas eve. They carry with them an infant who seems to like illegal drugs.

On their quest they encounter Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld) the daughter of a crime boss desperate to lose her virginity; an evil clay-mation Frosty the Snowman; the Russian Mafia (who play Mafia Wars on-line); a Waffle-bot; the real Santa; and of course the resurrected Neil Patrick Harris.

The humor, while low-brow and crude works in this film because it adds some originality to it.

F-bomb, sex, heavy drug use, nudity (Cassie Keller,Chernise Yvette, Paula Garcés (butt))

Reviewed by jboothmillard6 / 10

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Get the Munchies was really fun, Escape from Guantanamo Bay was a bit disappointing, then came this third movie outing for the duo, originally released in 3D, another excuse for naughty humour, set during the festive season. Basically it has been seven years since the events of Guantanamo Bay, best friends and roommates Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Epic Movie's Kal Penn) have gone their separate ways. Harold has given up smoking cannabis, he is a successful business man on Wall Street and married to Latina girlfriend Maria (Paula Garcés). Kumar on the other hand, is poor, still doing drugs and still living in the messy apartment he once shared with Harold, and his girlfriend Vanessa Fanning (Danneel Harris),who reveals she is pregnant with his child, breaks up with him. Maria's father and Harold's father-in-law Mr. Perez (Danny Trejo),who hates Harold, decides to stay at Harold and Maria's house for Christmas. Mr. Perez also brings his prized Christmas tree that he has been growing for eight years, he gives Harold a short lecture about the tree's importance. Kumar receives a package with Harold's name on it at his apartment and decides to deliver it to Harold, they reunite at Harold's house, and discover the package contains a large marijuana joint. Kumar lights it up, but Harold throws it out of the window, only for it to blown back in by the wind, landing in the tree and burning it down. Harold is terrified about what Mr. Perez will do when he returns home, but Kumar promises to help him get a replacement tree. Kumar's new friend Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld) is attending a party with a Fraser Fir Christmas tree, he is hoping to meet a girl named Mary (Jordan Hinson) there for sex, he promises to drive him to the party, but lies that he spoke to the girl and she agreed they can have the tree. Harold, Kumar, Adrian, and Harold's new best friend Todd (Thomas Lennon) arrive at the party, it turns out Mary's father is Russian mob kingpin Sergei Katsov (Elias Koteas),this puts Adrian off having sex, which frustrates her. Mary tries to seduce Harold, Sergei enters and mistakes this as him trying to rape her, he sends two men to kill him and Kumar, but they manage to escape. Still without a Christmas tree, Harold and Kumar run into their friends Rosenberg (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Goldstein (David Krumholtz) for the first time in years. The duo plan to steal a Christmas tree from a church, but end up in a theatre and in costume participating in a Christmas show featuring Neil Patrick Harris, who they thought had been shot outside a Texas whorehouse seven years ago. Harris reveals that he did die, but Jesus (Jake Johnson) Christ kicked him out of Heaven, he hooks the pair up with a Christmas tree and a Wafflebot (voiced by Eric Kissack),before sending them off. Out on the street, Kumar winds up accidentally shooting Santa Claus (Richard Riehle) in the head, he gives Santa emergency surgery. In exchange for saving his life, Santa agrees to fly the duo back home in his sleigh and reveals that he sent the package earlier in order to reunite the friends. Harold arrives home to encounter Mr. Perez, who is enraged to find his Christmas tree is gone, but Harold finally stands up to him, explaining he may not be the perfect son-in-law, but he is perfect man for his daughter. Mr. Perez says that he always knew Harold was a nice guy, he just wanted to make sure that he had "cojones" before accepting him into his family. Harold and Kumar rekindle their friendship, Kumar and Vanessa rekindle their romance, and Kumar tells Vanessa that he will to do whatever it takes to better himself for the sake of their child. Maria discovers that she is pregnant on Christmas morning, and Santa has left them a replacement tree in their lounge. Harold decides to smoke weed again, and he and Kumar share a joint again for the first time in years. Also starring Ratatouille's Patton Oswalt as Larry Juston / Mall Santa, Bobby Lee as Kenneth Park and rapper RZA as Lamar. Cho and Penn remain an appealing buddy duo, the Christmas element and searching for the perfect tree adds to it, the 3D bits (if you are watching this version) are deliberately in your face, and the most memorable sequence is the duo getting high and seeing the world in Claymation, all in all it is a really fun seasonal comedy. Good!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Harold and Kumar get a little serious and a lot of stupid hilarity

The guys have gone their separate ways years ago. Harold (John Cho) is a wall street suit married to Maria (Paula Garcés). Her father (Danny Trejo) insists on a real Christmas tree. Kumar (Kal Penn) is still a weed-smoking slacker. Vanessa (Danneel Ackles) drops by to inform him that she's pregnant with his child. Then Kumar receives a package addressed to Harold. It's a giant joint which Kumar lights but Harold refuses. The Christmas tree burns down and everybody goes on a quest to replace it before Harold's father in-law returns. Harold has his uptight friend Todd (Thomas Lennon) and Kumar has his loser friend Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld).

The guys still have great chemistry. That's why I want them to reunite earlier. I get the constant joke early on of them joining people other than each other. At some point, I don't care about that joke and I rather have the reunion. The under-current of the movie is about babies and family. There is nothing funnier than a coked up baby. I laughed every time. Blumenfeld is a little too whiny and annoying. On the other hand, Lennon is hilarious. In the end, it's about Harold and Kumar, and they're great together. And of course, there is the one and only great NPH.

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