A Somewhat Gentle Man


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright71%
IMDb Rating6.9107087

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OJT8 / 10

Complications with women, kids, cars and a violent past

A Kaurismäki-style dark comedy about a man coming out of prison after a 12 year sentence. Stellan Skarsgårds character gets lots of complications, even though most are willing to give the convicted man a lot a chances to begin a new life, with warnings to not ever looking behind at the past.

That is of course impossible, starting over in his old environment of a run down Oslo suburb. Everyone gives him a chance, even the old acquainted mafia-boss, which wants him to kill again. Women of all kinds still finds him attractive, and his old debt to the local mafia-boss makes life more complicated than it should be. Is he ready to kill again?

Hans Petter Moland got lots of praise at Berlin Filmfestival with this worn down comedy. Especially the "sex for food"-scenes with his landlady, being the jealous sister of the mafia-boss, was making a buzz.

The film functions as a nice story, and is good entertainment, but seems to lack a little in the manuscript to make it a classic. The casting is perfect, though, and this film could really have been an instant classic. Still there's scenes that is quite memorable, and there's hope even in a quite hopeless situation. Moland still gives his audience films we remember!

Reviewed by jotix1008 / 10

Junking the car

Ulrik, a sort of taciturn middle aged man, is seen getting out of prison as the story begins. Having served time, he is facing an uncertain world. The former con wants to get away from his past life, but alas, his former boss, Rune, has a different idea, he wants Ulrik to take care of the man that was responsible for sending him to jail.

A newly released prisoner is not exactly what employers look forward to hire, but with a bit of influence from Rune, he is engaged as a auto mechanic in the shop run by a man that wants Ulrik to concentrate in fixing the problems brought to him, and do not get involved with Merete, the lady that takes care of the books in the office of the garage.

Rune is even able to get Ulrik a basement room with his sister, Karen Margarethe, a lady of uncertain age, who takes pity on the man. Karen starts by bringing Ulrik a second hand television set, as well as meals she prepares. The lodger finds a way to make the set to work, being able to catch a Polish broadcast of a program similar to 'Dancing With the Stars', something that hooks the landlady into coming to visit Ulrik with the meals she cooks for him. It does not take long before Karen Margarethe and Ulrik are copulating in his room.

When Ulrik's boss gets sick, he must be taken to a hospital. Merete also begin getting closer to Ulrik, who likes her as well. The ex-con is interested in renewing the relationship with his son, something that he misses. When Rune pressures Ulrik to get rid of the stool pigeon that fingered him, but Rune has a surprise for his former boss.

We were pleasantly surprised by this film when we saw it IFC recently. It takes the viewer a while to get into the picture, but Hans Peter Moland, its director, kept us involved in this tale about a man that wants to reintegrate into society, but his past life keeps getting in his way. The screenplay is Kim Fupz Aakeson. It is a dark film that works well because once one gets into the story, it is a joy ride until the ironic twist at the end.

Stellan Skarsgard, the Swedish actor, has never been better. His Ulrik is an amazing creation that deserves to be seen by serious movie fans. The supporting cast is wonderful. Bjorn Floberg, the amazing Jorunn Kjellsby as Karen Margarethe, and Jannike Krusse do a fantastic job for Mr. Moland.

Reviewed by sergepesic8 / 10


" A Somewhat Gentle Man", is quite a surprise. When I scanned the description of the movie, I expected a crime flick. My mistake for not paying proper attention to detail. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this quirky comedy very much. My experience with the Norwegian comedy is hopelessly limited, but if this movie is typical of it, I wouldn't mind seeing more.The humor swerves between deadpan and grotesque with an amazing ease.The characters are people that life didn't pat on the back. They are beaten, bitter or just plain depressed. The jokes are smart and original, and the actors are not clowning, but playing very serious. That's the reason, probably, that I found this strange little flick so fresh and funny.

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