A Snow White Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jk-692-2363942 / 10

One of the worst-EVER

This is beyond dreadful. It feels like a homemade or student film. Bad sets, bad bad acting, and so cheap. On so many levels. The only people who felt even semi decent were the Holly Jollys and family friend who was a Grandmother type. I have watched about 40 Christmas movies so far this year, and this one is the winner for the absolute worst. This never should have left the shelf. Sometimes mediocre films of a genre do not seem to attract reviews. I am the first one for this one. I appreciate it when people take the time to warn me off lame and poorly made films. Also check out your reviewers profile to make sure they are not just hating on one film or they obviously worked on the film and praise it. I have been doing this for years and I tend to be generous in my wide variety of reviews. Merry Christmas!

Reviewed by Jackbv1238 / 10


Who needs a straight version of a Snow White story in a modern setting? The TV series Once Upon a Time explored many fairy tales and fables, including Snow White, in a dramatic but straight way. This movie is not that. This movie is done to make fun, and more importantly to have fun with the Snow White legend.

From the very beginning, it's clear that this movie will be told in an exaggerated style. Over-acting is the intended norm. Even names of characters who are obvious parallels to the fairy tale are introduced in an overly dramatic fashion. "This is {slight pause}HUNTER." When we meet Victoria, Carolyn Hennesy is dripping with barely concealed evil. You know even before she deliberately drops the ornament that she has some scheme in mind. Blanca (white),the obvious Snow White, is so naïve that one reviewer questions if anyone can be that dumb. Exactly. No one is that dumb.

Everything is exaggerated, overly dramatic. It's funny.

I love that "the mirror" is an actual character in the form of Zane who uses Instagram for his intel. The vehicle that replaces the apple is creative as well. Zane's mistake is also creative, and like everything else it is so obviously contrived.

Even with the satire, Michelle Randolph and Liam McNeill have real chemistry in the traditional Christmas movie sense. I think it sizzles. Meanwhile the rival is the Prince, Lucas Prince that is. He is the exact opposite, all glitz and no substance, but back to the exaggerated way. Some reviewers say that all the acting is bad including Michelle Randolph. Yet she handles the mix of naivety and natural earnestness quite well. I think, that in general, the acting is exactly what it's meant to be with the right timing.

The climax was unnecessarily overly dramatic. Blanca suddenly shows that she has been aware of Victoria's evil nature which implies that perhaps Blanca was far more generous and less naïve than we thought. Naïve or not, Randolph portrays the kind of sweet, beautiful woman that there should be more of in the world.

So many Christmas movies pretend to be based in reality, although Christmas "miracles" are always welcome. Yet almost none of those movies tell a believable story all the way through. If nothing else, you know there will be a Happily Ever After for virtually everyone (sometimes even the antagonists),no matter how incredible the circumstances are that lead up to it. This movie makes no pretense.

So many Christmas movies have almost no tension where often the worst that can happen is that the two leads will go to different parts of the world with no future for a happy romance. This movie, however, is dripping with tension and serious loss is looming. We still have a pretty good idea how everything will turn out, but getting there will be interesting.

Note regarding background music sound level: this is a frequent complaint especially on lower budget movies. Yet, I almost never experience that issue to the extent mentioned in those complaints. There is obviously an issue, but it is not universal to every viewer and this may be related to the viewer's own equipment, or the broadcaster. The root may be in how the sound is mixed, but the delivery varies. In this movie for me, the music never eclipsed the dialogue, but there were a couple of songs with lyrics where they were a little too loud and likewise a couple of instances with background music.

This movie is far from horrible. It is creative and well executed with a couple of minor exceptions. I will admit, that after only one viewing I'm not certain how rewatchable it is. I guess I'll find out next holiday season but like Snow White, I'm optimistic.

BTW: I am far from a one time reviewer. Check my history. I have watched and reviewed over 700 movies and TV shows, the majority but not all either romance or Christmas. That means that I have some experience with different styles and genres.

Reviewed by coneywithcheese7 / 10

So bad it's good

I think the bad acting was intentional and the cast pulled it off. You have to go into this movie expecting it to be bad. It definitely is not a Hallmark quality but it is worth the time, if you don't have anything else to do. Let it play in the background while you vacuum or iron or do the dishes. It is a watch-it-one-time movie, it will never be a classic.

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