A Snapshot of Forever


Comedy / Romance

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Natalie Dreyfuss as Jessie
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Matt Hamilton as Cole
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Rebecca Olson as Kate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kamn-285728 / 10

Love a good romance

I love a good romance and when I saw this one I thought 1. It has a number of great actors 2. The plot is good 3. Of course with any hallmark movie we all know it has a happy ending but that is what I am looking for when I watch a movie like this, I like for my mind to be taken away from reality and into a story that is written well, acted well and produced well and that is what I found with this movie and the scenery was gorgeous as well. I liked the fact that there wasn't just one main romantic couple in this movie and of course there is also a little bit of drama that of course it rectified!

Reviewed by boriskaiser6 / 10

Pretty good

This is actually rare Reel One Entertainment TV movie which is technically done very well which means they can be properly done, but most of time they aren't - they always have to screw something. Maybe there was a bit of more stock footage then it should, but that would be it. Audio quality was good and soundtrack was on the mark.

Natalie Dreyfuss was good again, but so was the whole cast. Writing and directing were pretty good, too.

The only reason why I didn't rated this movie as above average (7*) are the following two things: 1) Jessie's prehistoric Ford F-100 truck was over the top.

2) Fake location. No, it wasn't shot in California no matter how many times they said and showed stock footage. If you watched other ROE TV movies, you will recognize Kelowna, BC, Canada because so many other movies was shot there, and it just ruins immersion. It's the same stupid thing they copy from Hallmark, but to be honest Hallmark is way worse in that department. I can understand shooting in BC, and pretending to be WA or OR, but CA is just way too much.

And don't watch trailer if you plan to watch the movie as with every other ROE TV movie, it shows everything!

Reviewed by SunnyDaise10 / 10

The best I've seen for this plot

This is not an original storyline but it is the best version I've come across. So many of the decisions regarding work, family, relationships etc are totally understandable and trying to get your head around things not working out is definitely the norm for many. There's nothing nasty, just one sneaky person who causes a bump or two, but they too are just trying to get adjusted. Obviously there is a bit of tension in the plot in order to have a story, but most of the time it is really relaxing, especially for a wedding-themed movie. The characters aren't desperate to be coupled up by a certain age, so it is more watchable for middle-aged ... and potential retirees, as this is covered too. There's no children, but this is an all-age friendly movie about the work/life balance.

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