A Sister's Revenge


Action / Thriller

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Tim Rozon as Michael Miller
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Ashley Jones as Catherine Miller
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Brooke Burns as Suzanne Dell
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Hamza Haq as Restaurant Worker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

Shenanigans at Michael's Bar & Grill

The setting is Philadelphia where an aspiring restauranteur, Michael Miller, has just opened a new restaurant to great fanfare. But a saboteur arrives on the scene with a methodical plan to undermine Michael's business and ruin his life. The major dramatic question is why does Suzanne Dellinger have Michael Miller in her cross hairs, and why is she targeting this poor schlub?

For the patient viewer, the motivation slowly reveals itself when we learn that Michael once had an affair with Suzanne's beloved sister, Ariel Dellinger. The cad Michael impregnated Ariel, then became callous when she clearly wanted to marry him. When he refused, the couple broke up, and Ariel eventually took her own life, memorializing the shooting on camera with the footage played by Suzanne to stoke the fires of her revenge on Michael.

Suzanne's plan is diabolical, as she disrupts his restaurant business and extorts him for $75,000. But she then continues the assault by attempting to murder Michael's wife, Catherine, and kidnaps his baby boy Evan. The lengths to which Suzanne will go at least merit acknowledgment for their creativity, placing roaches in the salads of unsuspecting diners at Michael's Bar & Grill and lacing Catherine's jug of ice tea with antifreeze.

Consciously or not, Suzanne was tapping into Michael's fundamental insecurity. He was too proud to ask his wealthy father-in-law for financial support. As a result, he foolishly taps into credit lines to pay off Suzanne without conferring with Catherine, compounding his deceit and losing the trust of his wife.

"A Sister's Revenge" explores an ongoing theme of the Lifetime films: the gullibility of a soft male husband, who refuses to tell the truth to his wife at the start, then loses her trust later. Michael should have told Catherine right away about his sordid relationship with Ariel Dellinger, and he should have told her as well about Catherine's plan to extort him. With this level of deceit, a relationship may never recover.

Reviewed by Everymoviegetsa1010 / 10

Another Loki film

. About: A Sister seeks revenge after a guy walks away from her sister.

Story: tricks and tense

Production: clear and to the point.

Highlight: Eye candy aka milfs

Main Intelligence: 10

Unworthiness Level: 0

Should you watch this? Yes. This movie can lead to constructive discussion. Was the guy at fault? Was her sister at fault or was the main lady psychotic?

I think the guy didn't do anything he did the right thing in walking away. Many People will say the guy was at fault because his pregnant ex killed herself. But that can lead to mentioning the fact that females 94ing their own babies. Which in today's world is a good thing and acceptable.

I know walking away from your offspring is better than 94ing ones offspring.

Walking away that child can still become an asset.

94ing a child that child can not.

Please watch this movie.

Reviewed by kapelusznik185 / 10

The personal trainer

***SPOILERS*** It's when the hostess Miss Amber, Caitlin Pasquet,of Michael Miller's, Tim Rozon, five star restaurant Michael's Bar & Grill was run off the road by the wide eyed and hyperventilating Suzanne Dunne, Brooke Burns,it became obvious that Suzanne wasn't just up to no good but wanted to get close to Michael to not only destroy his marriage but also his life as well. As were soon to find out Suzanne has it in for Michael in what he did to her baby sister Ariel, Allison Busner, some five years ago in San Francisco by in walking out on her that drove Ariel to kill herself. Now getting a job at Michael's restaurant replacing the injured Amber she's to make his life miserable and by infesting his place of business with vermin drive him into bankruptcy!

There's also the matter of Michael's wife Catherine, Ashley Jones, and infant son Michael Jr that a vengeful Suzanne starts to work on that will in the end almost drive Michael not only out of his bird but into prison on trumped up charges of him trying to poison his wife. Suzanne also goes so far by both getting Michael drunk on a combination of gin & vodka and having him spend the night with her to sleep it off, while video taping the entire sordid episode, as well as becoming Catherine's personal trainer. It's Suzanne who together with her pip squeak boyfriend Jimmy, Joe Marques, who also plan to turn her against Michael on an infidelity rap.

***SPOILERS*** The end couldn't come fast enough with Suzanne dropping her guard and going so far as having Michael Jr kidnapped and threatened with death if Michael didn't drop his wife as well as lose his business and become, It's the only thing I could come up with, her personal sex slave. By now even Jimmy, who seemed to worship the very ground that she walks on, had just about all he could take from Suzanne and checked out on her as things started to get out of hand. Suzanne now gone completely nuts who in a life and death struggle with Michael ends up shooting herself which saves Michael and everyone else involved in this film any more suffering.

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