A Royal in Paradise


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VetteRanger7 / 10

A bit too derivative

As an author, I'm always intrigued when they include a character in these movies who is also an author. Sadly, they very seldom make enough of that, and that's the case here. It would be interesting to get more of "the story of the story" on screen, instead of simply having the character be blocked and then suddenly they can write again because they got happier.

The first half of the movie is better than the second half, and that's not unusual in these made for cable romances, either. As the characters meet and get to know each other, the story is lively and at time amusing. After they get to know each other and things settle in, I thought it got kind of boring.

And of course, they HAD to throw in the "Queen wants to crush the romance" trope. Haven't we seen that time and again over the last decade?

Reviewed by omijer9 / 10

A delightful movie with some good acting

Every once in a while, a film comes along that looks like it will be a formulaic love story. One watches it for the soothing rewards of knowing the girl will get the guy, the guy wilt get the girl, and it will all end happily..And then, once in a while, this formula comes along with some really appealing leads, an intelligent story, and a bit more to offer than the conventional script. This movie was one of those.

It was filmed in a beautiful setting, using ample time to show the colorful, charming tropical location. There were underwater scenes, stunning fish and sea life shown, and in all, it was a visually gratifying movie.

The love story was mature, each of the leading characters had his and her own issues to deal with . Of course, the prince needed to take the throne. And, of course, he was expected to marry someone of royal lineage. Surely, the young woman author had a deadline and writer's block, and needed to find a new location to inspire her creative work. But there was more to this formula than one would expect. Serious life issues were shared and discussed by the young couple. Failures and disappointments were talked about. One knows in watching a movie of this sort that the ending will be a happy one. Everything will turn out alright. But this film explored the roadblocks and impediments along the way in a more mature and realistic way.

If one can make a few comments about some shortcomings, here they are. While the female lead wore some stunniing clothes, it seemed gratuitous that there was so much cleavage shown. It was almost as if everything she wore was cut too low and her cleavage was far too exposed. The same is true for her best friend, roommate. There was barely one scene that did not have that very distracting and unnecessary aspect to it. What was the purpose of this sort of exposure? It distracted from the story, from the sensitive relationship and how it was resolved. There was an almost Playboy centerfold aspect to the need to show so much cleavage. Was there a reason behind this? It's hard to imagine what that reason would be. Other than that one distraction, this is a mature, lovely story.

Reviewed by pattersonjamie-120799 / 10

Really liked this movie

I was a little skeptical at first, but the movie was really good. It was predictable, but funny and entertaining. Rhiannon Fish did a wonderful job in the movie. She was sad, funny, and her face expressions were wonderful. Probably the best thing I've seen her in. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses.

Naomi Sequeira was beautiful and charming as ever. Mitchell Bourke was great as the prince. The rest of the cast did a great job.

The scenery was incredible. I've been to this part of Australia and they did it proud in the movie.

Overall fun, wholesome, great views and would see it again.

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