A Royal Christmas on Ice


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Anna Marie Dobbins Photo
Anna Marie Dobbins as Abigail
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William Baldwin as Daryl Blake
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Jonathan Stoddard as Prince John
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Charlene Amoia as Janet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robinzo3 / 10

Awful, awful acting, cute story

The story is a spin on the royalty, post-injury ice skater, and failing business tropes, but it works. The acting, with the exception of the small role of Stephen Baldwin and the promising actor in the lead male role, is inexcusably terrible. Everyone either over or under acted. I could hardly get through it, and my expectations for these movies is pretty low.

It also seemed incomplete, because the rest of the royal family was set up to be revisited, but wasn't. That part of the story was just dropped. They rushed to the unrealistic and unbelievable ending.

Not to be picky, but they could have spent an extra 15 minutes to teach them to ice a cupcake. That was ridiculous.

Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by Jackbv1234 / 10

Definitely family safe entertainment

Does "family entertainment" mean it was written by a 10 year old. Perhaps it was written for a younger audience because it lacks the sophistication I would expect for a movie aimed at the usual Christmas romance crowd.

The script is bad. The dialogue is filled with inanities and lacks any sparkle. The acting is mediocre, although Anna Marie Dobbins' Abigail does have some screen appeal. The story is simplistic. I was glad to see that Prince John was not an imminent heir to the throne so a romance with Abigail was not as impossible as is often the case in Royal movies. I understand time compression in movies, but it does make me cringe a little when characters "fall in love" so quickly.

There is some figure skating but the camera work is clumsy with frequent changing angles and closeups that are too close up.

This is not one to watch again.

Reviewed by vranger3 / 10

Very weak Christmas romance entry

After last week bragging on GAF for stepping up their game this year, we come to this.

Weak dialogue, weak acting, and a contrived and unconvincing story line had us deciding to abandon this film sometime during the Christmas party scene.

Seriously, how long can you milk the angst from a dropped bakery cake? According to these writers, for a VERY long time. There was a bit of self-awareness when the female lead's friend asked her why she was so hostile to the guy (who by the way, SHE bumped into in the action, not the other way around as they continually stated in dialogue) when what happened was an accident and he went well out of his way to make it right.


Dialogue with the ubiquitous 'old boyfriend' was weak and unconvincing. Dialogue back with the male lead's royal family was awkward and glacial in pace.

We could finally take no more, despite the fact we're ice skating fans and were drawn by the premise.

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