A Reckoning



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Meg Foster as Diana Maple
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Lance Henriksen as Henry Breck
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Reviewed by kenbo-638332 / 10


Wow...decent start...then nothing happens . I could not even get thru the first half hour. This women starts to ride off looking for her husbands killer..but where is she going? There are no clues to follow as far as I can see....then the next 20 minutes all you see are scenes of her riding, making a campfire, etc. Lost interest by now...shut it off. Back to Redbox...glad it was only 1.50 dollar rental.

Reviewed by harleythunder-550202 / 10

Don't bother

Movie starts out ok, then drags all the way to the end, how she goes about trying to get revenge is just all together boring. Also the way she acts at times makes no sense if she was really out there doing this. Waste of time.

Reviewed by classicsoncall3 / 10

"May revenge be just, and the dead rest in peace."

Mountain Man outlaw Jedediah (Todd A. Robinson) asked Mary O'Malley the right question when he asked her how she knew where she was going. Because by any reasonable standard, the viewer can't possibly know how she expected to find the man who killed her husband. Her plan to follow the only clear path through the woods made no sense at all, but for the sake of the story, you had to take it on faith she was moving in the right direction.

There's a whole slew of these recent Westerns out there that are just terribly written and acted, but with such stunning scenery that it somewhat makes up for the story. Only somewhat though. And there's also a little of the old bait and switch with the name of Lance Henriksen in the credits for this one, who's fourth billed but only appears for about five minutes in an opening segment. He did the same favor for 2019's "Eminence Hill", though that was a considerably better Western, but not by much.

At least the crazy old coot Marrow (Kevin Makely) livens things up a bit near the finale with his cannibal gig. He reminded me a lot of Ray McKinnon in the HBO series "Deadwood" in which his character, Reverend Smith, had a fatal bout of epilepsy, waxing philosophically about all manner of things before he went belly up. At first glance, that's who I thought it was in this picture.

Let me, along with just about every other reviewer here, try to ward you off from this picture as it doesn't have a compelling story to tell, and there's no other reason to check it out. Unless you like gorgeous, scenic cinematography.

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