A Place in Hell


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Lewis Smith as John McInnes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by staul632 / 10


This movie was terrible! The acting was terrible everything about this movie was really bad. Hahah

Reviewed by ravenhair7021 / 10


I try not to be hard on films not produced by major studios like Universal or Lionsgate, but whoever greenlighted this sorry price of crap should be shot in the back of the head and thrown into a volcano. The acting is SO incredibly bad, it hurts to watch. The plot is something I've seen over and over. Hollywood is seriously running out of Ideas. To be fair, I did buy this at the dollar tree for a dollar. I want my dollar back.

Reviewed by kylecox-907231 / 10

The first movie that's so bad that I just had to leave a review

Clearly directed and produced by a dyslexic autist with down syndrome. Absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. If I could rate this a 0 then I would because honestly, this movie would have been terrible even if it was shown at the dawn of movie making. The acting is bad from start to finish, the characters are completely unrelatable, the music is just the same mashup of classic horror sound clips that just add to the extremely low quality of this movie. There is only one redeeming factor and that is the one scene as they are departing on their journey where there are about 2 shots with some decent scenery of their environment. Other than that, I wouldn't even make a serial killer watch this because not even they deserve to be put through that kind of torment. 100% predictable, actors pulled from the streets at random and only given the script right as they get on camera, no storyline was present and I'm sure those pot brownies that 90% of the budget was spent on were great, because no one knew what they were doing. There is definitely a special 'Place in Hell' for this movie, pun intended.

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