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Reviewed by paigesizemore10 / 10

A Night Of The Undead ... A Cult Classic On A Budget.

Solid cast. Solid story. I felt really attached to these characters. I do believe that this film will become a cult classic. It's not a remake but more of a sequel. Evil Dead, Friday the 13th.. all these films had a small budget. Look at them now. Night of the Undead has a nostalgic vibe and makes me think of old school horror. Practical effects. I actually went and watched this film a second time with Family because of the ending. It modernizes the idea of zombie and the divisiveness of the current world that we live in is utilized in relation to the events that happened in 1968 in the original film. Die hard Romero fans may have a problem with the film. I did not! I believe if you have never seen the original film ... you can easily watch this one. A Night of the Undead is not A Night of the Living Dead.. it fits in it own category. I went back and watched the original film recently. In many ways ... it's just hard to watch. A Night of the Undead capitalizes on this because a lot of the young generation isn't going to be able to sit through the original 1968 film to learn the backstory. A Night of the Undead explains all.

Reviewed by cookiewithcheese5 / 10

An Alright Film

It's clear there was a tight budget with this film so I wasn't going in expecting much but it actually wasn't too bad. I wouldn't say it was a hit or miss, maybe somewhere in the middle, it was just alright.

Some of the acting was really good while other times it was pretty bad, some of the the camera shots looked really good while others looked cheap and lazy.

The story felt too slow though, I wasn't always as engaged, and I didn't have much of a connection with the characters either, one or two had some depth, the rest were just not as interesting.

If you're looking for just simple fun film to watch to get you out of the house, if this a shot.

Reviewed by jakecyoung-329999 / 10

Best Damn movie since Jaws III

This film is amazing. Best thing I've seen today since a shutter classic. The practical effects are outstanding or an indie flick. We need more films with this classic horror vibe!

A great homage to George Romero's classic film with lots of subliminal references! I'm glad I got to see it!

It has its own original soundtrack of music, very likable characters that bring a new age of horror fans. The locations in it wouldn't give you that classic nostalgic horror vibe, sledgehammer horror reviewed it on YouTube and I couldn't agree more!

Denny Kidd & Mason Johnson are an awesome reminiscent of Henry Cooper and Ben from the first film!

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