A New Year's Resolution


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Michael Rady as Tom Malone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bmiller598 / 10

It took awhile but by end I was on board

I like the leads in A New Years Resolution, but the beginning was difficult for me. They were both delightful alone but together I was resistant to them being together. As the movie went on they grew on me and I got more involved in them (but isn't that the way all HM movies are?)

I was a bit sad for their breakup, I really felt it but as with all HM movies I knew things would work out.

By the end I came away really enjoying it.

A good watch.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Charming resolution

The story sounded very charming and heartfelt, also with the potential of being different from the usual Hallmark formula. A formula that most Hallmark films follow (especially the Christmas output),apart from successful attempts at changes of pace, with varied success. Really liked that the film was set at and revolved around New Year, especially after having enjoyed Hallmark's previous 2021 New Year New Movies film 'Taking a Shot at Love'. Although Michael Rady has been in his fair share of misfires, he nearly always is one of the best things about them.

'A New Year's Resolution' to me was a winner and manages to be even better than 'Taking a Shot at Love'. One of the best New Year New Movies films of 2021, and of the 2021 Hallmark films overall so far it's one of the best in my view. The story sounded like a change of pace and the execution was also different and refreshing. Having had seen so many Hallmark films of all seasons with formulaic stories and samey execution, a more mature approach to a more mature subject was needed in a way.

Not much wrong here. Did think that the bank fraud subplot could have gone into more depth and had more tension, it is a situation that is a lot more serious than the film portrayed it as. The over-idealistic portrayal of the media, which is actually a tangled web of lies and manipulation, could have toned down too.

Personally was another person too that found the ending too hasty and running out of time feeling, though did like that it wasn't the not too unrealistically pat or contrived ones that Hallmark usually have.

Rady however is immensely charming and beautifully understated throughout and personally didn't find Aimee Teegarden wooden or lacking in expression, instead finding that her quiet confidence and subtlety matched Rady very well and that she did look comfortable. Their chemistry comes over as very natural and genuine. The supporting cast are solid. Also liked how real the characters felt and that they developed and weren't too perfect too soon or over-the-top negatively written. And in situations that come over as realistic and still true to life, handled generally tastefully. Especially what brings them together and how they click.

Furthermore, the production values are very pleasing. Lovely scenery shot with a look that is not garish or drab or in a way that looks static or chatic. The music isn't intrusive or over-bearing, things that can be heard a lot in Hallmark films. The script is well intended and sincere, while not taking itself too seriously. The story is charming and also poignant, due to connecting to the relationship and relating to the situations. Really liked the mature tone and wish that Hallmark can do more films with serious stories as they actually do them well, also that it didn't rush through things.

In conclusion, very well done and one of the best 2021 Hallmark films thus far. 8/10.

Reviewed by MIssM198 / 10

Different than the usual.

Kelly is a producer at a morning show, Tom works in marketing in a National Bank. She believes in New Year's Resolutions, he doesn't. Her resolution is "to say yes to social invitations"

Unbelievable. We get a different movie than the usual Hallmark gives us and people start complaining. I liked it. We have two people who meet each other, like each other, flirt, go on dates until we have a problem threatening to split them up, which, in my opinion was quite realistic.

There are reviewers saying that the leads didn't have chemistry: i'm sorry, were we watching the same movie? The chemistry was amazing. Both leads were great, but Michael was probably my favorite. His character was quite charming and he definitely knows how to keep me watching.

The script was quite original. We had fun activities and we had a group of friends (we usually get one or a sibling). The characters just talked to each other like the mature adults they are, they never kept anything to each other (even at the ending, and I will defend Tom, he tried his best to tell her). And the romance was ON POINT. The final scene was delightful. Not gonna lie though, I was expecting a flash-forward (since they kind of share a dream) and I was disappointed there wasn't one.

So, I liked it, and this movie gets extra stars for originality.

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