A Most Violent Year


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Jessica Chastain as Anna Morales
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Oscar Isaac as Abel Morales
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Ashley Williams as Deputy Lange
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Christopher Abbott as Louis Servidio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movies-by-db8 / 10

The consequences of violence

So I read a lot of complaints about the movie being slow and missing tension and violence. Why? Because of the title? Do the viewers nowadays pick their movies just on title and trailer?

The title is perfect: This movie is all about violence. Every single moment in this film is a consequence of- or triggered by violence. Even all the news broadcasts on the radio are about violence. Abel's business is, as he says "in a rough patch". There are good years and bad years and this one is a particularly bad one. The fact that the movie doesn't feature a lot of violence makes it an even better one as the threat of it is constantly palpable.

As for the tension: my god, what tension did I feel. I won't describe moments, but one particular chase sequence had me biting my nails, and I haven't done that in a very long time. There is constant tension in almost every scene and almost unbearable tension in some. And of course throughout the whole film you keep asking yourself; is he that honest, will he yield, or will he even snap. Oscar Isaac's role as Abel is written and played out so well I can understand the comparisons to Pacino's Michael Corleone in the Godfather. Hell you could even mention the two films in one breath. It has a great classic feel to it, though this is much smaller and more intimate.

A modern classic like: "We own the night" by James Gray or the recent "The Drop" by Michael R. Roskam. Beautiful slow burning masterpieces. This film will stay with me for quite a while. I'll put it away, wait for a rainy day somewhere in winter and experience it all over again. 8/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Acceptable throwback to 1970s-style film-making

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR is an interesting thriller that acts as a deliberate throwback to the gritty realism of the 1970s. I liked it and thought it was an above average film, although perhaps not the masterpiece that some are making it out to be. The twist of this story is that it plays out as a gangster epic along the lines of SCARFACE and THE GODFATHER although the character's main line of business is strictly legal.

Oscar Isaac is an acceptable leading presence although he's not the most charismatic of our leading men; I find something a little cold about it compared to someone like Pacino. Still, this film is mainly about the twists and turns of the plot and the assured direction, all of which work well. A MOST VIOLENT YEAR feels slow-paced at times and there isn't much action, although some of the set-pieces which do occur are very explosive. Jessica Chastain is shrill in support but the reliable Elyes Gabel is typically excellent and bag's the film's most interesting and conflicted character. In the end, the story has enough suspense and tension, alongside some very real threats and danger, to see it through to the affecting climax.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

neo-gangster movie

It's 1981 NYC. Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) owns a fuel delivery company that was purchased from his wife Anna (Jessica Chastain)'s father. He's trying to close a deal to buy a fuel terminal. He tries to do things the most right way but it's struggle in a corrupt industry. Somebody keeps hijacking his fuel trucks and driver Julian (Elyes Gabel) is severely injured. D.A. Lawrence (David Oyelowo) doesn't care. He's tasked with cleaning up the industry and has set his sights on Abel. He is charging Abel mostly due to Anna's corrupt father. Abel has to scramble to get the money for the terminal before he loses his deposit.

I love the fact that this is a gangster except Abel is desperately trying not to be a gangster. Also fuel oil delivery is not the usual backdrop but it works. Oscar Isaac does an amazing job. Some may find the lack of action problematic although there is one great car chase scene. I find the concentration on business really fascinating. His need to raise capital is quite intense. It's a different kind of action. It all works.

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