A Little Daytime Drama


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Michele Scarabelli Photo
Michele Scarabelli as Lucinda
Jen Lilley Photo
Jen Lilley as Maggie Coleman
Ryan Paevey Photo
Ryan Paevey as Darin Mitchell
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Veronica Long as Rhonda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EPMD574 / 10

What's the opposite of passion?

The leads are obviously beautiful people, but they didn't sell me on their relationship. I know Hallmark isn't going to show any heavy scenes, but they have to show more romantic development. Give us a date or something to make us think, "Oh yeah, they would be a good couple." This movie offers nothing romantic whatsoever. So without that, I'm not sure what we have here.

Reviewed by rkaden-281508 / 10

Different Story Line

These are two of our favorite Hallmark actors and they didn't dissapoint! Hallmark seems to be trending to different story lines and this was a good one. Some of the new stories are not as predicatable which makes this movie more enjoyable.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

When Maggie met Darin

Have liked Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey in other things, though Lilley is rather hit and miss depending on her character. The concept, though formulaic, was quite nice on paper. The 2021 Hallmark output was inconsistent in quality, though better than expected considering the turbulent past three years. Was not crazy overall about the 2021 Summer Nights (probably the weakest seasonal block that year) films, so expectations for 'A Little Daytime Drama' were very mixed.

Those very mixed expectations were not really lived up to. 'A Little Daytime Drama' is semi-watchable with some things that work in its favour, but so much more could have been done with the concept and too many elements were executed blandly or worse. One can do with a lot worse, and there were worse Hallmark films from 2021, but also a lot better (some of which actually having less appealing premises). Worth a one time watch, but has too much wrong in order to recommend it.

'A Little Daytime Drama' has some good things. Did find Lilley appealing and spirited in her role and she doesn't overdo any mannerisms or over-compensate. Linda Dano brings a lot of class and spirit to her character, who was possibly the most interesting one in the film. Actually thought that generally, with one exception, the acting was better than average.

Furthermore, the production values are very nicely done with the photography being done with style and care.

On the other hand, Paevey came over as stiff and bland as well as not seeming that connected with everybody else. There is very little chemistry between him and Lilley, which seemed too cautious and distant. The relationship itself is underdeveloped and plays second fiddle to everything else going on in the story. Which is sadly not executed as interestingly as it sounds, actually found it dull with too many padded stretches, absolutely nothing new and too many contrivances.

Particularly the final quarter, as forced and too neat as kind of expected. The script needed a lot more sharpness and wit for the premise to work, and pretty much limps along awkwardly. The characters in general are standard cliches with everything about them seen before with Hallmark and better, like recycling some characters from various films. The music in general is over-bearing and drowns some of the dialogue. The direction is merely functional and mostly isn't even that.

In conclusion, not particularly good. 4/10.

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