A Good Man


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukem-527601 / 10

But Seagal is Not a Good Man

Just terrible & no entertainment value at all!!! Even for a cheap low budget straight to dvd B-movie!!!

Some of Seagal's cheap flicks have been very good but "A Good Man" is completely horrendous & depressing to watch.

Also Seagal is not a good man here or in real life as we all now know!!!

I like lots of his fairly good DTV films & I'm probably too forgiving with them but this one was so poor, so cheap looking & so tacky that it was a stupid mess!!!

For some good one's of his DTV films checkout, Driven To Kill, A Dangerous Man, The Keeper, Belly of the Beast, Code of Honour, Kill Switch, Into The Sun among others.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Seagal meets The Man from Nowhere

A GOOD MAN is the Steven Seagal version of the South Korean action classic THE MAN FROM NOWHERE. You know, the one about a retired special ops executive who happens to live next door to a young woman and her daughter who are at risk from thugs and local gangsters. Before you know it, Seagal's wading into the mess and kicking Russian gangster backside with aplomb.

Well, that's the idea, but this low rent, low budget film from Seagal's regular director Keoni Waxman is in every respect a lesser work. Shot on the cheap in Romania, it feels serviceable as an action film, and has a string of nicely violent fight scenes, but overall is a very average viewing experience. The fight choreography is average - and Seagal is STILL being doubled, even though he must know people hate that - but the story is messy and unfocused, with too many supporting characters who add little to the plot. Who's the real protagonist here anyway, Seagal or the father character who has a few good fight skills of his own? You won't know and, like the majority of Seagal's output these days, you won't really care either.

Reviewed by Uriah436 / 10

A Fairly Enjoyable Movie Despite the Anti-Climatic Ending

After an assignment to eliminate a high-value terrorist target goes badly, a government assassin named "Alexander" (Steven Seagal) decides to essentially retire in a quiet village in Eastern Europe. However, when the Russian mob moves in and begins to do business with a Chinese arms merchant who had eluded Alexander in the past, his interest in keeping a low-profile becomes less important. This becomes especially true when the Russian mob begins to make trouble for his next door neighbor named "Lena" (Iulia Verdes) and her young daughter, "Mya" (Sofia Nicolaescu). Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this turned out to be a fairly enjoyable movie by and large. I especially liked the hard-hitting action scenes involving Steven Seagal and to a lesser extent those featuring Victor Webster (as Lena's half-brother, "Sasha"). Admittedly, however, I didn't particularly care for the ending, Alexander's low-class vernacular or the overall low-budget feel of the movie as a whole. Still, it was good enough for a rainy day I suppose and for the previous reasons mentioned I rate this film as slightly above average.

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