A Friend's Obsession


Action / Thriller

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Courtney Hope as Brooke
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Kayla Ewell as Kate
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Drew Seeley as Lloyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch7 / 10

A Love-Crazed Nut Job

"Lethal Admirer" (a.k.a., "A Friend's Obsession") is all about how we judge other people. In the case of Miss Megan Libby, a character named Lloyd Munroe is a nerdish co-worker who will stop at nothing to keep Megan in his life. But Megan is too slow in recognizing the danger signs of a love-crazed nut job.

Women always sense when a guy is a friend and when he wants more than friendship. The film implausibly depicts Megan as so naive as to not see the signs that are all too blatant. The two most inconceivable choices she makes are (a) to invite Lloyd to accompany her to the wedding of her bestie, Brooke; and (b) to agree to have dinner with Lloyd at his home after his strange behavior at the wedding reception.

Libby's boyfriend Chris is equally naive when he witnesses a strange reaction from Lloyd who is fixing Chris's computer and lets fly with a zinger that Chris merely brushes off. Chris should have compared notes with Megan about her little "friend."

The phone conversations between the nut job and his dear mother really didn't work. The fact that Lloyd was a big mama' boys was established early on. The phone talks were repetitive and slowed down the pace of the film.

Megan's relationship with her sister Kate is one of the most interesting in the film. It is the quick-thinking nurse Kate who first starts to grasp the deeply troubled nature of the nut job Lloyd. The enduring bond of love between sisters will eventually save the day against a love-crazed nut job.

Reviewed by NijazBaBs8 / 10

Psycho who thought he was in love!

Basically this is typical psycho love obsession like in many movies. He is a criminal or killer too. He could be mental hospital patient too. It's bit too obvious psycho, where on moments we can even notice that he is aware he is acting. That is bad. And bad is fake police sounds at the end. Although there was police, it was obvious that sounds are not coming from real nearby police vehicles, but was just random repeating sound. Lesson is to never mistake friendship in relationship. This is most obvious in introverts, shy, and asocial people. Normally they do not like friendship, so leave them alone! If they liked friendships they wouldn't be introverts already! It is our mistake, and not only of psycho or loner for what we he does to us, because we allowed him to think he is in relationship. This movie is also somewhat funny!

Reviewed by carolynocean5 / 10

Annoying Sister Act

This movie was'nt bad , a decent enough plot , nothing very new but interesting all the same.

But.........the two leading female roles , Megan and Kate, who are sisters ,drove me mad !!!! Everytime they got together they turned into high pitched chipmunks that just could not shut up !!!!! And I won't even mention the pre wedding girls night in ! I just wanted to scream .

But I was curious to see where it was going , and, in the end ,for an " obsession " style movie , it was ok . Also good to see a male in the role of stalker for a change, and I have to say that Drew Seeley as Lloyd played that part really well, he is a good actor !

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