A Father's Fight


Action / Drama / Family / Sport

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supermunyus3 / 10

Why does all faith-related content have overwhelmingly positive reviews?

Good on the church for having a go with a miserly budget, however this was abysmal. Dreadful acting across the board, bizarre cinematography, rubbish soundtrack, aimless and drawn out dialogue... Banal, predictable, cheesy. How the hell does this have such good reviews?

Reviewed by sdonaldson-601139 / 10

"I truly loved Fight"

I just finished watching this movie & I thought it was excellent! Right from the start, so many of us, have experienced alcoholism and how it ruins your life. This movie proves you have to fight for what you want!

Reviewed by myprincehenry8 / 10

"You gotta KNOW what it is you're fighting for!"

Sometimes life knocks you down--whether through your own choices, outside circumstances, or both. And when that happens, it can be so easy to stay down, to give up. To wallow in despair because redemption seems beyond impossible... "Fight" shows another option, a harder but so much more fulfilling option. Former promising boxer Bo Lawson (Travis Hancock) is trapped in the downward spiral of alcoholism. His wife Kacie (Sarah Cleveland) finally takes their kids and leaves him to protect them, and then he's fired from his most recent job shortly after. Thankfully, he has a friend and mentor in his boxing trainer Sal (John French) who, in a few passionate speeches that reminded me of the movies Courageous and War Room, challenges him to get back up and face the obstacles. Not only does this movie inspire you to stand up and fight, but it also challenges the notion that faith-based films, especially those of a low budget, are cheesy. "Fight" is a realistic story with an AMAZING soundtrack and honest character portrayals from an all-volunteer cast.

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