A Crush on You


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Michael Clarke Duncan Photo
Michael Clarke Duncan as 'Big Jim' Nelson
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Sean Patrick Flanery as Ben Martin
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Brigid Brannagh as Charley Anderson
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Kim Rhodes as Val Brookston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen8 / 10

A Crush on You....Hallmark Sweetie Pie ***

How did the song go? I got a crush on you, sweetie pie, etc.

The picture is modern in the sense that confusion occurs on the internet due to the spelling of a last name. A guy, seeing the girl of his dreams, hears her internet address and he thinks they are engaging in an online chat. Truth of the matter is that he spelled her name incorrectly and instead he is engaging in internet conversations with a female co-worker who shares the same surname with a different spelling.

As this is a Hallmark movie, you can anticipate the sweet story involved. Of course, everyone meets and they see how different things are in person though the error is never revealed until the end of the film. Of course, we have the familiar what's your favorite movie, color, etc.

True love prevails and everyone is happy. What else is new with a Hallmark movie?

Reviewed by Jackbv12310 / 10


From start to finish, this was a very enjoyable romance.

While it is true that Chloe was a total vision when we first saw her, I fell in love with Charley right from the start.

And then it starts to get complicated. And then it gets even more complicated. And then boom, totally entangled, and I mean the situation, not the people.

I totally bought into the acting. I thought it was a very nice job by the three main characters, but then not at all by the two main males at Charley's company.

At one point I didn't understand Chloe's motivation, and still don't, but other than that, this movie was a wonderfully complicated but beautiful romance.

And this movie didn't require quite so much of the suspension of disbelief or reality that I come to expect, but live with, in Hallmark movies.

Reviewed by craning107 / 10

If you like happy endings

As soon as I saw the title for this movie, I knew it would be something that I could feel good about watching, and I personally wasn't disappointed.

Classic mistaken identity or mystery admirerer movie with single mom "Charlie" receiving misdirected E-mails from a guy "Ben" who falls for a beautiful woman "Cloe" (you've got mail coming to anyone's mind yet) but none of the three put it together for most of the film until it's time to actually meet.

This film being a made for TV movie obviously had it's limitations but for what they had to work with, In my opinion it was nicely put together and did have a certain degree of character development which allows you to either like or dislike the characters. Although it looked for a minute like there would be a villain in here at one point, the script allows nature to take it's true course and no real "bad guy" turns up.

It's a simple romantic film more than a comedy and even if you did manage to get your kids to sit through it which I highly doubt, it's not a film that you would need anyone to leave the room for content.

I enjoy all types of love stories and may be biased but I liked it.

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