A Cops and Robbers Story



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Reviewed by helenahandbasket-937344 / 10

A Victim Of His Own Hubris

It's a somewhat fascinating story-one of some redemption, but also of his own ego. Had he raised his voice in a manner in which he showed some humility, some regret and not thrown others so readily under the wheels of the bus, he's someone to cheer for. But he just comes across as so angry and bitter, and the reasons aren't all that valuable.

He's a former gang member, who found redemption in the military and found a particular calling, I suppose. But with some serious introspection, he might find that the underlying issue is, he wasn't getting the respect he felt due on the streets, and after learning the ins and outs of structured military life, and then law enforcement, he merely substituted one gang for another. Ultimately, law enforcement and the 'thin blue line', and gangsters with their 'honor' aren't much different; both operate on a line of trust, honor and a definite hierarchy, it's just that one is above water while the other preys in the deep murky waters outside the legal boundaries. There's not much to separate the two- basically a badge.

He could easily be an example for those that feel trapped in the projects of urban decay and limited options- yet he sees himself as that, with a far too elevated, vaulted sense of who he should be perceived as, as some sort of holy savior. His view should reflect that of a vessel to expedite these young people through him, NOT because of him. He believes his own hype, and I suppose on some level you have to, because if you don't believe who will? But ultimately, it should be served with a heaping helping of humility, a lot of humanity, and be willing to leave some bridges intact, rather than burning them to the ground.

I've no use for the grotesque 'journalist' without a lick of integrity- who seems more interested in the gross outing than the havoc he wreaked upon so many, but alas, this is ultimately the result of Mr. Pegues braggadocio and his retelling with absolutely zero remorse, going about it in a manner that feels far too much like some sort of homily, trying to regain some type of street credibility.

I believe his story has definitive value and is evidence that youthful transgressions can be converted and left behind, no matter the nature. With determination and willful intent, conversion can happen, but he seems to enjoy regaling others in these seriously heinous acts in his past rather than using them only as a means to an end. We are not defined by our past, but the actions wholeheartedly determine who and what we will be and it is entirely dependent on the view we take of our past.

I'm indifferent to his methods, and what he is doing going forward, and feel little to no attachment to his story. I think the filmmakers took a decent story and did what they could, but it feels like they indulged the ego trip and let him have free reign to try and form some opinions that the viewer is left to decipher, but can't quite get there due to the subject's unwillingness to find solid ground that doesn't begin to crumble the minute he stands upon it.

I get the impression that the filmmakers tried to portray a lot of the ancillary characters as the 'bad guys' and his gang member friends as the 'good guys' but despite the efforts to convey this, one is not necessarily left with that connection. His former partner is one such example and I feel horribly for how Corey completely abandoned him. His partner still seems incredibly hurt and it doesn't seem as though Corey has bothered to contact him and sincerely apologize.

Overall I'm rather indifferent to the whole tale- I sincerely hope Corey can find some happiness and some humility to cope with the things that life still has in store for him.

Reviewed by colonel-130706 / 10

The whole thing is a mess

The whole thing is a mess. He and the NYPD are both right and both wrong. He had a past that should have disqualified him as a police officer. Doesn't matter what he says, those aren't the traits you want when you are first hiring a new officer going through the screening process. Nothing stops him from applying obviously, NYPD apparently did not do their due diligence or chose to look the other way and not go deep enough in the screening process. I would not be surprised if some type of politics or racial component was warming its way behind the scenes in the hiring process. Very common in big cities He played the system and he won overall. NYPD didn't build a case strong enough to get him out, just based on his past alone shouldn't have been too difficult but then again I must be fair, none of us were there to see what they had and what they could actually present as evidence. No shocker that he took a picture with Hillary Clinton and later I'm sure they distanced themselves as far as they could from their television prop. Tough situation, both right, both wrong, but in the end he retired and won the overall battle. Sad story for the NYPD.

Ps: I do believe in second chances, but attempted murder is something you just can't overlook in someone's past when they want to be a police officer. Not only did he pull the trigger once but twice. He can certainly have a second chance in other fields but not this one. I smell racist politics behind this somewhere along the line that kept him above water all those years.

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