A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Music / Musical / Romance

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Laura Marano as Kat Decker
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Gregg Sulkin as Dominic Wintergarden
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Maddie Phillips as Skyler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gailmoir3 / 10

Shocking auto tune.

I fast forwarded all the singing parts. Just awful!!! Acting was terrible. The billionaire recognising a 2 of a kind piece from a broken snow globe within seconds. A dress that fits 2 totally different body shapes perfectly. A guy who doesn't recognise a girl because she has a wig on. Step mother actin like something from an 18 th century comedy of errors. Only gave it a 3 cause it was a cute take on the story.

Reviewed by suzanne-wolstenholme1 / 10

Shockingly bad

I only managed 15 minutes then I turned this off. Acting was bad and the singing and dance routines were horrendous.

Reviewed by classicsoncall4 / 10

"...this is your Christmas miracle."

So many reviews of this movie here on IMDb mention the fact that the singing was 'autotuned' that I had to look it up; I never heard the term before. It refers to the use of computer software to correct an out-of-tune vocal performance. But even while watching the film, I had the feeling something wasn't quite right with the musical numbers because they just sounded manufactured, if you get what I'm trying to say. Hard to explain, but it didn't sound natural. Anyway, the movie best serves a pre-teen audience with it's take on striving to reach one's potential, as Kat Decker (Laura Marano) tries to live her dream of writing and singing songs. However her stepmother and stepsisters are nothing short of hysterical, and I don't necessarily mean hysterical as being funny, but more so in a distressing way. Their characters are written as almost too over the top, and one's instinct whenever any of them has something to say is to resort to an eye roll and a groan. The picture sort of stumbles along while fleshing out the classic Cinderella story, minus the glass slipper and a magic coach to whisk Cinderella and her Prince Charming away. The movie was well received by my twelve year old granddaughter, so if you need a recommendation to watch, there it is. Wait till you get a load of Mr. Mujiza's (Garfield Wilson) Christmas outfit!

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