A Boy Called Sailboat


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright77%
IMDb Rating6.7101380

familysailboatdroughtsouth west

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J.K. Simmons Photo
J.K. Simmons as Ernest
Jake Busey Photo
Jake Busey as Bing
Noel Gugliemi Photo
Noel Gugliemi as José
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DuskShadow6 / 10

Well...that was...interesting in a Good sorta way.

This was almost like a B grade Cohens brothers film, with quick jump situational humor that most could relate to such as kids just being kids, having crushes, or just being plain innocent, then playing soccer where they are not supposed to and something bad happens. It worked at times. It was also realistic as it took place in some podunk middle of nowhere New Mexico, USA town where, unfortunately like in most of the southern states, racism runs rampant in a nonchalant and flippant way left and right. It was also unclear if the film took place in the 1970s, 80's or whenever, but there seemed to be a distinct lack of technology akin to anything even 20 years olg. NO whether this was intentional due to the impovrished state of the town in the film or it actually did take place over 30 years ago, doesnt matter too much. What ends up happening is a nice enough slice of life story about a very young boy, his family, and a nearly miraculous instance of guitar playing that rekindles the soul and awakens the heart in everyone that hears. The proviso is that you dont hear it at all, instead getting a tone def long beeeeeeep in place since, clearly, 99% of young children, let alone most people cannot play music worth anything. lol The movie was simple and understandable, and well worth a watch for something clean that the whole family can sit down with safely. 6/10

Reviewed by paulatepc661 / 10

Really amazed I saw this to the end.

Got to the end but still didn't get it. Don't understand the rave reviews. Scenery - desert, acting - what acting.

Song is the key to the film, broadcast to the world reminiscent of "Oh brother where art thou" - this Film has the same crazy style.

Reviewed by neofut10 / 10

Fabulous Film!

Very quirky, very charming film where everything works. Wonderful writing, performances, and tone. Every shot is creatively composed for maximum effect like a Wes Anderson film (whose tone is similar but this is much more heartfelt). I would compare it most to "Napoleon Dynamite" in its quirkiness but, once again, with much more heart. Can't believe this isn't a higher-rated better known film appropriate for all. Bravo!

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