A Better Life


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Chelsea Rendon as Ruthie Valdez
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Nancy Lenehan as Mrs. Donnelley
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Demian Bichir as Carlos Galindo
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Richard Cabral as Marcelo Valdez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix1007 / 10

Life in the promised land

Carlos Galindo is a man that crossed the border to the United States seeking a better life for Jose, his teenager son, and himself. Carlos works for Blasco, also an undocumented Mexican, who wants to retire from gardening. When Carlos is offered the truck, a necessary tool for his type of job, he sees the opportunity to improve his life. After all, working for himself, he figures will be better than working for a salary. Carlos jumps at the opportunity.

Jose, the son, is not having an easy time. As a young man in the gang infested neighborhoods of Los Angeles, he is constantly taunted by his peers, trying to get him to join the gang. His sweetheart's family is involved with the tough guys of the 'hood. All Jose would like to do is to play soccer.

The only hope for Carlos is to borrow the money from his sister. She, in turn, has been hiding the money for other things, but she sees in Carlos' ambition a ray of hope that he will succeed in getting ahead. After the truck is secured, Carlos figures he and Jose will soon begin to see the benefits of his hard work.

Unfortunately, fate intervenes in Carlos' dreams; his truck is stolen. Carlos cannot go to the police because his own immigration status. How can he tell the authorities he has devoted his life to hard work and trying to give Jose what he did not have? Trying to find the thief, proves to be his own downfall because the system works against Carlos.

"A Better Life" is a well felt film that brought to mind Vittorio De Sica's masterpiece "Bicycle Thief" that deals on a similar subject, in a different way. Directed by Chris Weitz, and based on a screenplay by Eric Eason, it is based on a story by Roger Simon. The director achieves a coup by casting the great Demian Bichir in the role of Carlos. "A Better Life" is a character study of a poor man trying to make a life for his son and himself in a country that is not his own. In a way, Carlos is pursuing the American dream, but as a poor, uneducated man, he has almost no opportunities to succeed except by working the jobs no one wants to do. His dream suddenly turns into a nightmare when the vehicle he needs for work is taken away from him.

Demian Bichir is the basic reason for watching the film. He makes quite an impression as the Mexican immigrant. Jose Julian, who plays Jose, is not in the same league as Mr. Bichir, but he does what he can with his character.

Reviewed by 8512229 / 10

Inspiring and touching movie

Greetings from Lithuania.

"Better Life" was a really good movie. It reminded my another good movie about similar life "The Visitor". This is a really inspiring and touching movie about single fathers "journey" to make a better life for his son (or as they say, to find American dream). The way is hard, and sure not everyone can go through it. It's really rare in these days to see such a simple story on a big screen, not overdone in special effects and stuff like that.

If you like simple and quiet but powerful stories, "Better Life" is one not to be missed.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Demián Bichir terrific

Carlos Galindo (Demián Bichir) is a hard-working Mexican illegal in L.A. He's a single dad and fears his son Luis is falling into bad company while dating Ruthie Valdez who has family in the gang. His boss Blasco is looking to sell his truck and return to Mexico. Carlos gets $12k loan from his poor sister to buy the truck. He hires Santiago from a street corner but he steals the truck on his first day. Carlos can't go to the cops. It's a desperate search by Carlos and Luis for the all important truck.

This is a terrific performance from Demián Bichir. The story is basically 'The Bicycle Thief' grafted onto the illegal immigrant experience in America. The first half does move a little slow. However the movie builds to such a powerful emotional climax.

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