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Reviewed by bazookamouth-221-8980971 / 10


I think just about the worse movie I have ever seen. Complete and utter nonsense. Unwatchable garbage. Terrible lead actor. Only saving grace that it was short in running length.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

King of the (dream) castle

There are certain things that we wish we could change - we look back at certain moments in life, what we did, what we said and just think, what if ... well this is sort of kind of telling a story like that. But also not - it is quite difficult to really grasp or condense what the movie is doing - especially if you are trying to not give anything away.

So if you like interesting plots that are flawed (not just but also because of the low budget),you are quite in the right place. An interesting but also quite convoluted tense and intense look at someones choices, their life and who they are messing with ... some minor horror elements mixed in for good measure and you have an intriguing little movie.

Reviewed by silvermistvio1 / 10

One of the worst movies of century! Not even worth to watch!!!

I really don't understand why this film gets the rating 5.7 as it doesn't even deserve 1 from me. (But I gave 1 star anyway to show the appreciation of budget.) If I have to use one word to describe this one, the word would be "terrible". This film is one of the worst movies that I have ever watched. Maybe the director is really bad at presentation. The presentation was totally awful mess. I don't even understand this film. So, it's one of the films which I don't understand the contents including Cloud Atlas and Interstellar.

Moreover, the film is really bad, so boring and nothing to gain from it. I stopped watching after 10 minutes later. It's totally unwatchable. Watching this film is totally waste of time and also money. If you value time and money, don't ever watch this film.

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