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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freqeteq5 / 10

Loud Noises, Bright Colors & Explosions: The Movie

This is a typical modern Michael Bay film, it's all style over substance. Leave your brain at the door and you might enjoy it, I wish I did but I didn't.

I'll give you a quick example of what to expect while trying to explain why I couldn't bring myself to enjoy this film. Opening scene is a 15 minute car chase through a city. Firstly, the vehicle they choose to use as a getaway vehicle is a bright neon green Alfa Romeo that sticks out in the crowd like a sore thumb driving a bright neon green sports car would. Why would anyone choose this as a getaway vehicle instead of a car with a paint job a bit more inconspicuous I hear you ask? Because it's a Michael Bay film that's why, and it's all about style remember? Secondly, every car and bike that crashes during the chase produces enough sparks and fire to rival the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, plus the sounds they make when they crash are the most ridiculous Transformers sounding noises I have ever heard outside of a Transformers movie. And lastly, the bright neon green sports car gets scratched up by another vehicle and the drivers side mirror gets knocked off, but the next shot it's back on again, then it's off, then it's on, and it switches between broken and not broken a dozen or so times before someone decided that for continuity sake we better just stick to one or the other and thankfully they chose to go with the broken one. Pretty sloppy filmmaking really, and this is all in the opening 15 - 20 minutes, and unfortunately I can't turn my brain off enough to enjoy a film like that.

Other things that I didn't like about the film, the overall story is laughable and makes absolutely no sense at all, and when I say no sense I'm not being hyperbolic I mean it makes no sense, from the people he chooses to join his team to the way he recruits them to the missions they do it's all so ludicrous, if you allow yourself to question its logic for even one second then the entire thing falls apart. It's got your typical Michael Bay hit or miss humor along with other "Bayerisms" that we've come to expect from him, like the over use of quick cuts during action sequences, low angle shots of women in short skirts, so much slow motion that if the slow motion parts were at normal speed I reckon the film would be about half an hour shorter than it is, and scenes that are meant to be emotional and pull on your heart strings but because every character has no depth to them they end up having about as much emotional impact as a carpet cleaning commercial does.

What I did like. CGI people getting hit by cars and caught in explosions and thrown around and stuff, it was completely overused but the first few times it happened it looked quite good, especially people getting side swiped by vehicles. Some of the bad guy kills were well done. I enjoyed most of the banter between Ryan Reynolds and the non Ryan Reynolds actors, it was funny and was just Ryan Reynolds being your typical Ryan Reynolds which is good if you like Ryan Reynolds and I like Ryan Reynolds. Who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds? Hugh Jackman that's who, the Canadian fraud.

It really is just a film full of loud noises, bright colors, explosions and little of anything else.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Typically overblown and underwritten

6 UNDERGROUND is the latest from Hollywood blockbuster director Michael Bay, here working in collaboration with Netflix for the first time. You know, I thought Bay had matured since his BAD BOYS 2 days, what with producing quality fare such as the excellent BLACK SAILS. It seems not. This is a hark back to the TRANSFORMERS days of old, i.e. endless big-scale action sequences and not a lot else. The film suffers from having myriad annoying characters, all competing to be witty and edgy, led by Ryan Reynolds basically playing Deadpool without the costume. I could do without them. The action is typically overblown and bombastic, chock-full of explosions and mayhem, and I did appreciate the gratuitous violence throughout, although some of the FX are a little off. It's a lightweight and instantly forgettable movie but it does keep your attention throughout, so the definition of a popcorn flick.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

great action but what about the rest

A team of six ghosts are battling to change a dictatorship. One (Ryan Reynolds) is the billionaire. Two (Mélanie Laurent) is the CIA spook. Three (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is the Hitman. Four (Ben Hardy) is the Skywalker. Five (Adria Arjona) is the Doctor. Six (Dave Franco) is the Driver. During a car chase in Florence, Six is killed. One recruits American sniper Blaine (Corey Hawkins) as Seven.

Michael Bay is doing Michael Bay. The story telling is messy and thin. There are problems with the simplistic premise. The action is explosive and hyper kinetic. The idiotic Bay humor is improved by the presence of Ryan Reynolds. It is too bad that Dave Franco dies so early since he is the second funniest actor in the cast. Ryan needs someone better to bounce off his quippy sarcasm. The best aspect is the great Michael Bay action. Even if the magnet idea makes little sense, it is still great action fun. The parkour is thrilling. This is a movie of great big action set pieces in between a lifeless unearned story with paper thin characters.

It starts with the chase in Florence. It is wildly exciting and explosive but the plot has the most muddled introduction. For a second, I actually thought that they were literal ghosts. At the very least, One has to be introduced and the mission needs to be laid out. With such a paper thin intro, the action becomes meaningless. It's a bunch of quippy retorts from Ryan and some really cool car stunts in the narrow Italian streets. There's real value in that but it's just empty calories. This is a movie of empty calories. The mission itself is a nothing burger of simplistic politics. Why not have the dictator kill Ryan Reynolds' great love? Instead, it's a non-descript humanity project. As for the final shootout, it seems much more simpler to plant a few mines on the boat to drive the dictator off it. One thing is certain. Michael Bay does his action well. The rest is a nothing burger.

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