365 Days: This Day


Action / Drama / Romance

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Rebecca Casiraghi Photo
Rebecca Casiraghi as Sexy Girl
Michele Morrone Photo
Michele Morrone as Don Massimo
Anna Maria Sieklucka Photo
Anna Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel
Kamil Lemieszewski Photo
Kamil Lemieszewski as James Italian Maffia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dannyboi942 / 10

Mindless garbage

I think everyone who watched this movie wasn't expecting anything good, but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. The first one was garbage too, but at least it had some kind of story to drive it, this movie is basically as 2 hour music video with sex.... yes, that's all it is. The relationship between the two leads is as mindless and unrealistic as the first, and another man joins the scene, who is just as dull as the first.

Nothing happens in this film until roughly half way through, and if you even managed to endure the pain that is the awful dialogue, directing and acting, you then have to suffer a boring thriller-wannabe. It's a shame really, because with a good director and writer, you could have had a compelling story with good characters, but no...we get this. The main actors, (I can't even be bothered to look up their names) have little to no chemistry between them, and half of the time they are just standing there looking pretty.

I understand that 20-40 something men aren't this movies target audience, but at least make it bareable for us.

If you were to take out all the music and sex, you would have a 40 minute short film. Seriously, it's that bad. So many usless scenes that add nothing. The only good thing about this movie is its cinematography, which is surprislingly very good, which is the only thing stopping this from getting a 1.

Reviewed by desislavasav1 / 10

worst movie ever made

Biggest regret of my life

After the opening scene I thought that it couldn't get worse but somehow it did, and it kept going... I'm actually amazed they managed to create something that awful ?!

Reviewed by jupitersboba1 / 10

What? The?... Horrible sequel!

What even was this movie? First off, the movie opens with them having sex. Okay, maybe it's a dream and we will get some explanations... Nope!

In the first movie, Laura is in an accident and we don't know if she's alive.... This is practically ignored in the second movie.

This movie is messy, rushed, and could've been executed better.

I'd recommend the first, but know that the second does not really continue the story well.

If you watched movie 1 and 2, back to back, you would be confused... and angry you wasted your time watching (especially) this movie.

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