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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo8 / 10

A man looks into the abyss and sees himself staring back

I am embarrassed to admit I enjoyed portions of this film. The plot is non-linear. J.K. Simmons visits Coconuts, a retirement home and finds 3 Geezers full of life. He interviews and films them for a new film, which is immaterial to the script. Lou Beatty Jr. plays Benard, a blind man who does all the things a sighted person does from being a line judge to sculpturing. Victor (Basil Hoffman) is the lead in the group. He has the hots for Ruth (Beverly Polcyn),eat your heart out Phoebe Cates. Will Bonaiuto rounds out the group, although his role is minor.

I can understand a young audience not enjoying this film. There are things older people will pick up on such as the Phoebe Cates imitation scene, and the sound track playing the theme from "Shaft" while the group plays a trick on Bernard. I personally enjoyed this film in spite of being filled with much low brow humor. Clearly not for everyone.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex. Male rear nudity.

Reviewed by Ready Tret10 / 10

Very Interesting and funny movie

We found this movie to be quite funny and entertaining but it is not for the uptight, grumpy types that need to pigeon hole their elderly. It is a "mockumentary" and was pretty obviously tongue in cheek. You follow J Kimball as he researches for a role playing an old dude.

It is a silly, funny, easy to swallow movie that shows the elderly are people too. Great cameos, great music.

Incredibly original concept. How many times do you see a movie completely different than every other movie? You haven't seen this movie before. Not much of a plot but a lot of funny. I don't believe some of these people that didn't like, must have zero sense of humor!

Reviewed by hemedr8 / 10

Its not that bad, made me laugh

I gave it an 8 because it had such a low rating. I would rate it a 6 to be honest. Basically the story line is about a documentary made about old people, and the life they live. I think they made the old people the way we would like ourselves to be when we reach (if we reach hehe) that age. Nobody wants to grow old physically and in spirit as well, that's just no fun and so the movie is fun and portrays the elders as little horny children. In my experience its not so far from the truth. I like talking to old people and some are really cool or young at heart like those in the movie which is why it made me laugh. In my opinion anyone that gave this movie a 1-3 doesn't like old people or the fun way they were portrayed, or is old in spirit and cannot see people older than himself with a younger spirit. Geezers is very worthy to watch and i highly recommend it to people with a sense of humor especially self humor.

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