3 Day Test


Comedy / Family

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George Newbern as Martin Taylor
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Megyn Price as Jackie Taylor
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Taylor Spreitler as Lu Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark103 / 10

Back to basics

The original title of 3 day Christmas makes more sense in this Christian based film of families putting gadgets away and spending time with each other.

Of course in reality chances are you will have more arguments and soon get back to your gadgets for some peace and quiet.

Martin Taylor (George Newbern) feels that he has lost touch with his family and they with each other. So as a test he locks them up in the house with no power, heating, electricity, water, phones and contact with the outside world so they can all connect with each other. The test is to last for three days and the rest of the family agree to go with this rather reluctantly and of course at first they find it difficult to adjust to this more simpler and basic lifestyle which to be fair has its uses if you were suddenly stranded in a remote island.

Well that is the core of the film that gadgets get in the way of good old fashioned talk talk and interacting with each other. Writer/director Corbin Bernsen realises that the film needs to pep up the plot and he introduces some Home Alone shenanigans at the end as some intruders get some hard slapstick action.

Of course the core problem with this film is the message that modern society is rubbish. Bernsen apparently had the idea for this film over 20 years ago. So modern society has always been rubbish.

Reviewed by winkust1 / 10

Terrible, terrible movie

Plot for this movies is that the father receives a dvd about a 3 day test to bring families closer by cutting out electricity and other basic amenities that people take for granted, somehow his completely unlikeable family eventually decides to go along with this, the father does many things that will leave you scratching your head like painting the windows black etc.

This movie was awful, I have a soft spot for bad made for tv type movies and low budget films and as long as they are not dull I can overlook the flaws inherent in this type of movie. This film unfortunately is as dull as dishwater, slow, plodding, its only around 80 mins but it feels like it is about 3 hours long, unfortunately I saw this for cheap under the title "Home and alone for christmas" with a very Home Alone looking cover and thought this was going to be a Home Alone clone, sadly the alternate title was just a cynical way of selling more copies of this awful film, there is no Home Alone plot in this film and sadly none of Home Alone's wit and humour. The irony (or maybe hypocrisy) is that (minor spoilers)there is a scene where the father tells off his son for "stealing" by creating pirate copies of movies but I kind of feel that selling a product by deceiving the buyer is pretty much the same as stealing.

Reviewed by imdb-29653 / 10

Too much home alone, and too much propaganda

It starts out nicely, but deteriorates into home alone. I had expected more conflict within the family, and more overcoming of obstacles resulting from the test itself, for instance the precarious water situation. Instead, some relative turns up to simulate an external threat, resulting in the family going "home alone". The TV team showing up is also rather dragged in by the head and shoulders, even if they're quite self-ironic.

And of course, there's the religious propaganda, insinuating you should feel bad for not going to church, and the intellectual property propaganda comparing copyright infringement to theft.

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