21 Grams


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Naomi Watts as Cristina Peck
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Clea DuVall as Claudia
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Melissa Leo as Marianne Jordan
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Benicio Del Toro as Jack Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Quinoa19848 / 10

Absorbing and powerful direction & acting; the story structure was less than great

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu made a well-deserved leap into the renown film-making pool with Amores Perros, and his follow up 21 Grams shows him with plenty of talent to spare. He also gets three (or more, depends on how effective one thinks the supporting performance were) forceful, compelling performances out of Sean Penn, Benicio Del-Torro, and Naomi Watts. They're involved in three interlocking stories- Penn as a mathematician with a rottening health and a near-rottening relationship; Del-Torro's found Jesus Christ after being in and out of jail for part of his life; Watts is a house-wife who may have some deep troubles within her mind. Each of the three leads doesn't go for cheap drama, and each one plunges the depths of their own abilities to find truths that might not be possible with lesser material or a lesser director. I won't say much more about the stories, however I do have something to say about the structure of the film. The script brings some mesmerizing scenes, ones with great tragedy that bring out a viewer's compassion.

Never-the-less, there was something about the structure that I didn't think was all that great. In films like Once Upon a Time in America, Reservoir Dogs, and even Memento, the scrambled story structure had a purpose, adding appropriate twists and turns for the audience. 21 Grams (like Amores Perros in a sense) has that non-linear basis to it too, and sometimes it works for the audience to react. But I think there would be a lot more power to how these characters' fates and tragedies unfold if it was told linearly from start to finish. In many moments in the film I found myself knowing a little too much before a particular scene unfolded, or I found myself guessing about something that I didn't need to (one of the points of non-linear storytelling is answers first, questions later). It wasn't an aspect that made the film bad, yet the stock that writer Guillermo Arriaga and director Inarritu put into this structure over interlocking the stories in order, or perhaps telling each story separately, is the film's only drawback.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Not the easiest watch, but hugely rewarding

Alejandro González Iñárritu to me is an immensely talented director, with not a bad film (from personal opinion) in his filmography. Some films are better than others, 'Babel' to me is his weakest though still very good, but even when Iñárritu is not at his best he is still significantly better than many directors at their best and worst.

It is easy to see why '21 Grams' won't appeal to everybody. It is not an easy watch and there are many other films that have better replay value, but it is still a fine film, with so many great things, that both challenges and rewards those who love the film. '21 Grams' has a non-linear structure that can feel fragmented, and there are a couple of parts that are not as clear as it could have been and cause a little confusion. The ending also could have been better rounded off.

'21 Grams', as always with Iñárritu is a visual and technical marvel, with photography that's gritty, atmospheric, beautiful and intimate, clever editing and striking scenery. Iñárritu's direction is exemplary, with a breath taking vision, mastery of mood and taking risks and not holding back. The music is not amazing but it fits well.

The script in '21 Grams' is tense, poignant and thought-provoking, while most of the story is thematically and dramatically gripping with plenty of intensity and emotional impact as well as a suitably bleak tone. The characters are compellingly real.

Have nothing but praise for the acting, which is some of the best acting of that year. Sean Penn is splendid in one of his best performances, while Naomi Watts' performance is very close to a career-best. Best of all is Benico Del Toro who really gets into the complex meat of his character, an intense and moving performance that in no way falls into hamminess. Melissa Leo and Charlotte Gainsburg are fine too if not in the same league as the three leads.

Overall, challenging but rewarding. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle9 / 10

remarkable performances

This is an interconnected story of tragic figures in a non-linear time line. Cristina Peck (Naomi Watts) is a recovering drug addict, a suburban wife, and mother. Her husband and girls are killed by ex-con Jack Jordan (Benicio Del Toro). The husband's heart is donated to Paul Rivers (Sean Penn). Paul breaks up with his wife Mary (Charlotte Gainsbourg). He tracks down the donor and begins a relationship with Cristina who returns to drugs. Jack turns himself in despite his wife (Melissa Leo)'s objection. Cristina refuses to press charges but then talks Paul into killing him.

The acting from the three leads and everyone else is top-rate. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu's use of non-linear story telling can be controversial. For me, it sharpened my attention as I disentangled the narrative. It heightens the intensity. Also this method of story telling had yet to wear out its welcome. It does get overused after this. The acting is simply remarkable.

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