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Reviewed by Women112231 / 10

The worst

This was horrible and I am not sure why I watched it. Take my advice and do anything else

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation2 / 10

Almost unwatchable for the most part

Here we have the "2020 Billboard Music Awards" and this is an award show from really recently, mid-October 2020, so this is only 1.5 months old. This does not make it a better watch though. I shall get to that a little later. first of all, the basics. It says three hours here on imdb and this may be accurate because there were probably very long commercial breaks as they were not getting any money this time from people attending the even on location. Due to corona of course. The version I watched ran for minimally over two hours and this one was without commercials. The director is Alex Rudzinski and he is truly prolific, especially in terms of directing showws, awards shows even, and this makes it even more disappointing how this one here turned out. As for the writers, not much to say about Amberia Allen. I guess she is one a good career path, not quality-wise though if I take a look at all she has been a part of. But the far more experienced driving force here was Jon Macks with over 200 writing credits. Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars, everything really. As for all the presenters, performers etc. I suggestg you check out the list yourself. Do not really want to go too much into detail there. The host was Kelly Clarkson and I must say I liked her a lot when she had her breakthrough years, actually decades, ago, but there is not left anything of this love really. She is almost unbearable for me to watch at this point. How she goes over the top in being hyped about winners and performances is as much on the cringeworthy side as the way she displays it. Also best friends with everybody as usual in this industry. Her voice is still alright as we see from her first number, but even there she is nothing special anymore and probably not any better than she was when she was half her age. Let's be honest here. By now she is a talk show host and there is nothing really positive to say about that at all. And sadly she really had a great deal of screen time here, which obviously makes sense, because there are no people in the audience and only a limited amount of guests. But it was not a virtual awards ceremony as we have seen it on other occasions. There were actually more people in the studio than I imagined. One would be Johnny Legend who was great as always and elevated literally every program he is a part of. The other guests disappointed me a bit thouh. Yet to see brilliance in Billie Eilish and her winning all these awards does not really say anything positive about this generation if she is considered (among the) best. Couldn't care less about her outfit, but her craft is far from where I'd expect it to be given the hype. Sometimes the show also really messed up, for example when they announced the winner in the country category basically before the commercial break as they said he's up next and then the category came, so everybody know who would be winning. This is kinda unforgivable for an awards show. It is kinda ironic that for once they did it all right (because they had to) and kept a healthy balance between music numbers and awards being given out at an awards show, but they screwed up on ao many other occasions that I can only give the lowest rating possible.

Annother somewhat okay moment (tough to find those) was the announcement of the Latin Award winner. Romeo Santos sounded interesting and he caught my attention with his voice, even if he may not have won. But the former is far more important anyway, even if I am not too big on his first name, but then again, if that's the one his parents gave him, he cannot be blamed. What else is there to say. Oh yes, there was one music performance on the stage in which apparently they thought it was cool to change roles and have the male dancers perform in female clothing and the women wear something masculine. I bet liberal Hollywood liked it. Or the equally liberal music industry. I found it cringeworthy. Not because of genderism, but because there was no creative component to that. They can do something like that, no problem at all, but they still have to deliver quality at the same time, a creative approach and here it was simply not there. Felt only include to please the snowflakes. For every one positive thing, there were at leats three moments where it ent wrong. Garth Brooks basically receving a career awards is a nice idea, especially presented by Cher, but when at the same time BTS and Harry Styles are winning competitive awards, then I am not sure I would want a lifetime achievement awards from this specific body, no matter how prestigious it may be. Of course, this show also took place briefly before the American presidential election and therefore we got quite a few political references. Some of them were surely on the cringeworthy side. Eilish briefly telling people to vote was still tolerable, but one artist showing up with an outfit that had "VOTE" written on it several times was purely cringe, especially when she also verbally encouraged people to do so. Thanks, we get it. It is of course subjective and may be just me, but I never like it when awards shows become too political and we all know (without saying) that these people here did not only want people to vote, but to vote for their choice, even if they did not state said choice explicitly. After all, it's an NBC production and we know very well where they priorities are. Well, seems they found a way to get their candidate through now. Or all kinds of ways. But let's not drift away now. As for politics, Lizzo's clothing was not the worst of the night. They really turned fully shameless when they included an interview with some Black folks getting the message through once more. And please don't tell me the urgency of the situation required all of this. Focus on the music. Thank you. The rating here on imdb is pretty accurate, maybe even too high at under four out of ten. There are more winners I am not particularly happy about like Jonas Brothers, Lizzo and Pink (at least no Swift this time, but all these nominations are ridiculous as well),but some of them weren't even featured on the show. I mean a fella named Khaled won really big but wwas not featured too heavily in a way that you could think he was one of the stars of the night, even if he was there. "Old Town Road" I still kinda like though. Glad to see it got some attention. The biggest winner of the night on the male side (maybe from both sexes too) was Post Malone. Not familiar with him at all, but he showed everybody how absurd the entire distancing idea of the night was. When he received one award, he went there to hug the woman ho gave it to him and seconds later host Clarkson showed up with another seven awards for him and talked about how she has to stay away and can only use some mechanical tool to basically roll them to him because she cannot touch him. Shake my head. Okay I think that's basically enough now. Oh, by the way, Kanye West won best Christian Album, did you see that coming? He was not there though although the show could have needed him honestly. Many winners weren't there, but they had corona as an excuse I suppose to pretend they would have liked to be there. Truth is given this show's quality, nobody really should have wanted to be a part of it. Massive thumbs-down from me. Highly not recommended. I tried my best to rate the show and not really the artists, but as I stated once or twice earlier, the music quality also did not exactly blow me away gently-speaking. Certainly skip both watch and listen this time. Also because Alicia Keys was there with her boring usual self and uninspired music. Oh and one final not Diplo won an award and Doja Cat was nominated and got to perform and why I mention these two? Because they were part of the adult film Oscars earlier this year. Good for them. By the way, Elton John also won, so they definitely had some winners that could have made for an interesting show. But those weren't even part of the show. Instead, we got two/three hours of utter uninspired boredom. If it stays this way, it would probably be better to discontinue this award in the future or at least cancel the shows. But as they did not during corona, they probably won't wwhen the pandemic is over. Truly bad news for music fans worldwide and we may have to sit through more of this nonsense for years, if not decades. May sound harsh, but it's the truth. Yes, it wwas this bad. Alright, really enough now. You're getting my point.

Reviewed by mherrity4 / 10

I'm being very very generous

OK, so today's award shows hold very little interest to me. But I was waiting for someone in the ER and NBC was the channel on television in the waiting room . I gave the program a 4 for efforts in trying to present an awards show during a pandemic. The short comings of this program were not from the pandemic but from the artists themselves. These individuals aren't as talented at singing and song writing as they are with social media. The host were terrible.

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