20 Weeks


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled20%
IMDb Rating4.910189

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Jocelin Donahue Photo
Jocelin Donahue as Eileen
Richard Riehle Photo
Richard Riehle as Keenan
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Michelle Krusiec as Dr. Chen
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Amir Arison as Ronan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barbaradetz1 / 10


This movie creates a series of questions and situations, shifts back and forth in time, and ends without answering anything. Terrible movie. The ending should have been more clear if it was an intended message concerning the situation.

Reviewed by bradley-bethel8 / 10

A compelling relationship drama

As many commenters will note, 20 WEEKS presents an original depiction of the challenges expectant couples can face. While that is no doubt a noteworthy aspect of the film, there's much more to it. What I found especially compelling was the subtle patriarchy gradually exhibited by the lead male character, and the way the female lead develops in response. 20 WEEKS is thus not only a film about the challenges of pregnancy but also about the challenges of maintaining a feminist/egalitarian relationship during pregnancy.

Reviewed by kiwifreund8 / 10

So You Think You Want a Baby

I have a middle-aged male friend who wants a child. He doesn't actually like children. He wants a partner who is young and doesn't have children of her own already because he only wants his own child or children. He thinks that after the child/children reach 6 months of age, it's going to be "easy." This movie reminds me of him. It's that huge ball of denial that genetic anomalies don't happen - because they do. The scientific advances we have made in testing during gestation have been a blessing and a curse, because now we know what may or may not be developing, and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. Everything can't be avoided. What do you do if your baby is born with something that wasn't detected, or can't be cured? Aren't every single one of us imperfect? Isn't it possible to love or care for another human being, even if it doesn't have perfectly formed fingers, which was merely the possibility in this movie? If my friend is ever in this dilemma in real life, I think the result would be the same as in this film.

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